2020 Women's Artistic Team Final (Tuesday, July 27, 2021)

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Start List/Live Results:

Streaming Video: 6:45 am EST




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Melnikova is probably gonna opt for the DTY with a safe bet at 14.5ish compared to 14.7-14.8 for the Cheng. Too much room for error on the Cheng. But you never know.

Simone should absolutely do for the Amanar, even with the large step in qualifications she got a huge score. If she can stick it it’s gonna be 15.5 range. Yurchenko double pike is a bit too risky for the team IMO.
Praying for a 4 for 4 from McCallum. That way all the Skinner stans can shut up.
god I hope so and then there is a headline like this that implies she should have won everything

ah… it’s in the first post in this thread!
You need to go to the rotation tab though
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I usually don’t watch gymnastics live. It’s too stressful. I prefer knowing the result in advance before I settle in to watch. If I do watch live, I leave the room often during crucial routines. I did that all through nationals and trials. I watched qualifications live and I wish I hadn’t. (But I loved sharing the experience with you all) I’m undecided about team finals, especially since I’m unsure I can watch all the way through anyway. Does anyone know how long it will last? I’m thinking two hours.

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