2023 Worlds WAG Qualifications Subs 4-5 (Monday 10/02) ESP, BEL, ROU, MEX, SWE, Nemour

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Subdivision 4
CEST 10:00 am
EST 4:00 am

:vt: :poland: Kaja Skalska :kazakhstan: Aida Bauyrzhanova :luxembourg: Celeste Mordenti

:ub: 🇪🇸 Spain

🇧🇧 :belgium: Belgium

:fx: :romania: Romania

Subdivision 5
CEST 11:30 am
EST 5:30 am

:vt: :mexico: Mexico

:ub: 🇨🇱 Makarena Pinto 🇨🇱 Franchesca Santi

🇧🇧 :sweden: Sweden

:fx: :algeria: Kaylia Nemour :algeria: Lahna Salem :portugal: Mafalda Costa :portugal: Filipa Martins
Cosman’s choreography was really nice. I can’t remember the last time the Romanians looked so engaging in their dance. Voinea tho…meh.

I loled at Preda stumbling out of bounds on a Memmel. The floor code the last few quads in a nutshell.

Belgium counting a fall on beam. Make that two falls.
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And it’s reflected in the E score. She must have gotten up to 1 point in artistry deductions.
I guess you mean for EF, but if Romania don’t qualify that’s going to be a very difficult score to beat for anyone wanting the apparatus route to Paris.
Oh yeah, I meant for EF. think Romania have a good shot to qualify for Paris, though, with Germany and Belgium depleted, but they still have have bars and beam to go so… yeah.
Fascinating how Mama Voinea doesn’t touch the springboard unless it’s her daughters…
Must be a joy being on that Romanian team…
She ran into the springboard but didn’t touch the horse. Still a zero I think?

Camelia looks flustered on the sidelines. Smart decision not to bother with the 2nd vault.
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