2023 Worlds MAG Qualifications Subdivisions 1-4 (Saturday 09/30)

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Subdivision 1
CEST 10:00 am
EST 4:00 am
:fx: 🇹🇷 Turkiye

🇵🇭 :finland: Elias Koski :finland: Oscar Kirmes :armenia: Arthur Davtyan :armenia: Gagik Khachikyan

🇸🇷 :uk: Great Britain

:vt: :kazakhstan: Kazakhstan

:pb: :brazil: Brazil

:hb: :azerbaijan: Ivan Tikhonov :cuba: Diorges Escobar :vietnam: Van Vi Luong :argentina: Santiago Mayol

Subdivision 2
CEST 12:15 pm
EST 6:15 am

:fx: Apparatus Specialist Group 1
:fx: :portugal: Guilherme Campos :ireland: Dominick Cunningham :mongolia: Enkhtuvshin Damidindorj :ireland: Eamon Montgomery
🇵🇭 :ireland: Rhys McClenaghan :croatia: Filip Ude :taiwan: Shiao Yu-Jan :albania: Matvei Petrov
🇸🇷 :greece: Eleftherios Petrounias :mexico: Fabian De Luna :taiwan: Lin Guan-yi :azerbaijan: Nikita Simonov
:vt: :ireland: Dominick Cunningham :philippines: Juancho Miguel Besana :dominican_republic: Audrys Nin Reyes :taiwan: Tseng Wei-Sheng
:pb: :taiwan: Lin Guan-Yi :dominican_republic: Audrys Nin Reyes :greece: Stefanos Tsolakidis
:mexico: Fabian De Luna
:hb: :croatia: Tin Srbic :taiwan: Lin Guan-Yi :serbia: Ivan Dejanovic :philippines: Juancho Miguel Besana

🇵🇭 :israel: Israel

🇸🇷 🇯🇵 Japan

:vt: :ukraine: Ukraine

:pb: :belgium: Belgium

:hb: Apparatus Specialist Group 2
:fx: :finland: Akseli Karsikas :sweden: Kim Vanstroem :sweden: Filip Lidbeck :cyprus: Neofytos Kyriakou
🇵🇭 :czech_republic: Radomir Sliz :latvia: Dmittrjs Mickevics :jordan: Ahmad Abu Al Soud :armenia: Harutyun Merdinyan
🇸🇷 :armenia: : Vahagn Davtyan :austria: : Vinzenz Hoeck :cyprus: Sokratis Pilakouris :armenia: : Artur Avetisyan
:vt: :czech_republic: Ondrej Kalny :cyprus: Neofytos Kyriakou :norway: Sebastian Sponevik :hong_kong: Shek Wai Hung
:pb: :latvia: Richards Plate :norway: Sebastian Sponevik :algeria: Ahmed-Riadh Aliouat :luxembourg: Quentin Brandenburger
:hb: :cyprus: Marios Georgiou :algeria: Ahmed-Riadh Aliouat :latvia: Richards Plate :cyprus: Neofytos Kyriakou

Subdivision 3
CEST 4:00 PM
EST 10:00 AM

:fx: :australia: : Australia

🇵🇭 🇺🇸 United States

🇸🇷 :iceland: Valgard Reinhardsson :ireland: Adam Steele :algeria: Hillal Metidji :sweden: Marcus Stenberg

:vt: :lithuania: Robert Tvorogal :lithuania: Gytis Chasazyrovas :poland: Kacper Garnczarek :poland: Sebastian Gawronski

:pb: :uzbekistan: Uzbekistan

:hb: :romania: Romania

Subdivision 4
CEST 6:15 PM
EST 12:15 PM

:fx: 🇪🇸 Spain

🇵🇭 :new_zealand: Mikhail Koudinov :new_zealand: Ethan Dick :mexico: Rodrigo Gómez :mexico: Isaac Nuñez

🇸🇷 :netherlands: Netherlands

:vt: 🇨🇳 China

:pb: 🇨🇱 Joel Alvarez :serbia:petar Vefic :philippines: Carlos Yulo :puerto_rico: Andres Perez

:hb: 🇩🇪 Germany
I really hope Kazakhstan can sneak in as a team!

Looks like technical issues with the p-bars after the first Turkish gymnast went? Long wait, rest of the squad getting a 2nd one-touch.

Really rough day for Tulloch. Lower SR score than usual, fell on both vaults, fell on PB/FX, and scratched HB.
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GBR may not have many EFs at this rate… Jake with a lower than usual score on FX and also sat down a vault. Nervous wait for them
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2 falls for Turkey on Pbars from their top guys isn’t great, but I think they’ve done enough through the first 4 to make Paris.
Ugh Georgiou was going so well until missing the bar on a Kovacs. I love his lines. 13.233 with a fall 😦

Oleg had a scary deep landing on the Dragulescu but managed to stay on his feet/walk away unscathed. Ukraine leading Japan by ~3 points after 2! Annnnnd they flopped on high bar and floor :confused: This team could definitely be top 5 if they weren’t training in the middle of a war

Were piked endos raised a letter? I feel like I’ve seen more in the first two subs than in all the quads since '97-'00

Belgium look stronger than I’ve ever seen their men’s team
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They were so close. If either of their last two vaults had been stood up without running off the mat… Those two places could be costly when all is said and done.
I didn’t catch the dismount, but he was standing on the podium seemingly confused for a bit before hopping down. Perhaps he didn’t get dismount credit?

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