2023 Worlds WAG Qualifications Subs 8-9 (Monday 10/02) GER, HUN, FIN, JPN, CZE, ARG, Finnegan

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Subdivision 8
CEST 5:45 pm
EST 11:45 am

:vt: 🇩🇪 Germany

:ub: :hungary: Hungary

🇧🇧 :finland: Finland

:fx: :philippines: Kylee Kvamme :philippines: Aleah Finnegan :switzerland: Anny Wu :switzerland: Lena Bickel

Subdivision 9
CEST 7:45 pm
EST 1:15 pm

:vt: 🇯🇵 Japan

:ub: :czech_republic: Czechia

🇧🇧 :argentina: Argentina

:fx: :new_zealand: Reece Cobb :new_zealand: Madeleine Marshall :ecuador: Alais Perea
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The chances of Finland qualifying a team to Olympics are slim?
Yes, pretty much impossible.
The team average for the year is 144.205, they scored 148.230 at Euros, and their maximum score (using highest routine score from each) is 152.914.
Plus they are without Maiia Kuusikko who typically does AA, so it’ll be hard to replace those scores on all 4.
They should be hopeful to finish ahead of Taiwan. If they hit 16 for 16 they might be able to pass South Africa and Sweden.
This Finland team probably wouldn’t have qualified to Worlds if they’d competed at Euros tbh. Kuusikko is a huge loss both for the team score and their chances of qualifying anyone to Paris. After one rotation Ada Hautala is nearly a point ahead of Kaia Tanskanen but I think they’ll both be struggling to get the score required.
Apparently Schafer’s vault was downgraded. That plus the DTY is easily a point off their peak potential.

They need to average 13.05 on beam and floor. I struggle to see it tbh. Their floor isn’t a strength so beam needs to be so good.

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