2023 World Champions MAG Qualifications Subdivisions 5-6 & Paris Team Qualifiers (Sunday 10/01)

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Subdivision 5
CEST 10:00 am
EST 4:00 am

:fx: :egypt: Egypt

🇵🇭 :canada: Canada

🇸🇷 :austria: Askhab Matiev :austria: Ricardo Rudy :mongolia: Usukhbayar Erkhembayar :czech_republic: Daniel Bago

:vt: :colombia: Colombia

:pb: :switzerland: Switzerland

:hb: :norway: Harald Wibye :norway: Sofus Heggemsnes :bulgaria: Yordan Aleksandrov :bulgaria: Kevin Penev

Subdivision 6
CEST 12:15 pm
EST 6:15 am

:fx: 🇮🇹 Italy

🇵🇭 🇰🇷 South Korea

🇸🇷 🇫🇷 France

:vt: :morocco: Hamza Hossaini :greece: Nikolaos Iliopoulos :portugal: :india: Yogeshwar Singh

:pb: :taiwan: Yeh Cheng :taiwan: Lee Chih-Kai :cyprus: Ilias Georgiou :cyprus: Michalis Chari

:hb: :hungary: Hungary
OMG, Colombian guy pung off and almost landed on his neck/head on high bar. I probably woke my household up with how loud I gasped. He walked away luckily.

Just seconds after one of the Canadians balked on vault and scored a 9.5.
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I’m watching apparatus feeds for the first time and enjoying it without commentary more than i expected! It means having to pay more attention than usual but also not getting frustrated by the commentators 😃 I’ve mostly been watching the pommels feed because it means i can see almost everything else behind it. Also being a Brit, I have an appreciation for pommels after years of getting into MAG via Louis and Max.
Switzerland still has vault left, but Canada has put the pressure on them to hit. Canada is on track to beat the Netherlands.

Swiss scratched their 4th guy on rings, now a 2 point gap behind Canada. Have the Canadian men ever made a team final?

Canada goes into 4th! 😮 China could get knocked out of team finals if Italy/Korea hit to their ability. Ukraine and Brazil now on the bubble for the last 2 olympic spots.
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Just googled it myself cause I couldn’t think of it either. They qualified a team to Athens (11th) and Beijing (9th, a few tenths shy of the team final!).
Olympic qualification picture with one subdivision left:
USA 254.628
Canada 249.260
Germany 248.862
Switzerland 248.192
Spain 247.795
In the bubble:
Turkey 247.692
Netherlands 246.028
Ukraine 245.461
Brazil 245.295

Turkey is guaranteed at least a +1 spot and is most likely safe. I think Hungary could definitely snatch that last spot from Netherlands (assuming KOR/ITA easily beat 246)

AA: Karimi (KAZ), Dolgopyat (ISR), Davtyan (ARM), Kovtun* (UKR), Schmidt* (NED), Soares (BRA), van den Keybus (BEL), Muntean (ROU)

Events: Yulo (FX), Verniaev* (PB), Srbic (HB), VT/PH/SR TBD in finals
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There are two Ukrainians in the Vault final, so as it stands VT would go to finals as well.

Note that at this point the worst Ukraine can finish is 15th, so they are guaranteed a non-nominative spot, meaning they can only get one apparatus spot, not both VT and PB.
Ughhhh Hungary just took themselves out of it in their first two high bar routines 😦 I was hoping the men could qualify to make up for Kovacs’ injury

Ughhhh a 3rd fall. The 2nd and 3rd guy swing really well 😑 4th guy fell as well, sighhhhh
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Thanks, my brain’s working at like 50% this morning

I assume they’d break the Ukrainian tie by rank?
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The tiebreaker is rank in relation to the number of competitors (a ratio, like 2:8 or something). In finals this is simply rank order. I hope we never have to use that tiebreak with qualification results where the number of athletes will actually be different.
Nervous final subdivision here from a British perspective.

We have Hepworth 8th on FX and SR and Jarman 7th on VT at the moment. Might only get two EFs in the end, Whitlock on PH and Hepworth on VT.
Watching Italy so far, it’s a bit shocking they won Europeans this year.

Counting a 12 on rings. Nevermind, looks like they can drop it. I could’ve sworn one of their gymnasts bailed on a yamawaki and hopped off after the rotation had started. Not sure what happened there.
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Hepworth’s FX spot is def iffy with Korea yet to compete floor, but I don’t think there’s anyone especially strong on rings left, and Korea is having a rough go of vault atm.
Jarman is in - nobody else is contesting the final. So that’s Max for PH, Hepworth and Jarman fir VT confirmed for GB.
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I’ve appreciated Max’s strong qualification into the pommels final more and more with every passing hour. Same for Jake and James in the AA final. Watching the 7th and 8th place spots in the other event finals has been nerve-wracking!
Lee Chih Kai into pommel finals!

Korea opening the door on pbars, last guy had an empty swing. They’re counting a 13.2 and looking to drop a 12.

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