2023 Worlds WAG Qualifications Sub 10 + Paris Qualifiers (Monday 10/02) FRA, CHN

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Subdivision 10
CEST 9:15 pm
EST 3:15 pm

:vt: 🇫🇷 France

:ub: :iceland: Thelma Adalsteinsdottir :iceland: Margret Kristinsdottir :ireland: Halle Hilton :ireland: Emma Slevin

🇧🇧 :colombia: Ginna Escobar :colombia: Yiseth Valenzuela 🇮🇩 Rifda Irfanaluthfi :uzbekistan: Dildora Aripova

:fx: 🇨🇳 China
French fans have big inflatable sticks to beat together. Which they are beating already! Enthusiasm! They have it here.

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So the other exciting race in this subdivision is to see if either of the Icelanders can pass Lynnzee Brown’s score of 47.766 for the Triparte invite.

Adalsteinsdottier went 47.265 and Kristinsdottier went 45.332 at Euros as benchmark.
Brown had a 48.100 at Pan Ams as benchmark.
It feels very much not in the spirit of the Tripartite to award spots to highly economically developed nations. Iceland has a GDP per capita of almost $70,000.

I feel like the commission should prioritize underdeveloped nations for additional quota spots.
China will have to do beam while the crowd is going crazy for France on floor.

I like China’s leo. It feels like a modern version of something they’d have worn in 2004.
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I agree on preferring the vault, but I’d also like Black to have one event final and I’d generally prefer it be vault to bars. It’s a conundrum
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