2020 Olympic Trampoline Finals (Men 7/30/21 Women 7/31/21)

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Men: Friday, July 30, 2021 Tokyo Time:
Live Results:

Streaming Video:


:australia: Dominic Clarke
:belarus: Uladzislau Hancharou
:belarus: Ivan Litvinovich
🇨🇳 Dong Dong
🇨🇳 Gao Lei
:colombia: Angel Hernandez
:egypt: Seif Asser Sherif
🇫🇷 Allan Morante
🇯🇵 Ryosuke Sakai
🇯🇵 Daiki Kishi
:new_zealand: Dylan Schmidt
:portugal: Diogo Abreu
🇷🇺 Dmitry Ushakov
🇷🇺 Andrey Yudin
:ukraine: Mykola Prostorov
🇺🇸 Aliaksei Shostak

Women: Saturday, July 31, 2021 Tokyo Time:
Live Results:

Streaming Link:

:australia: Jessica Pickering
:canada: Rosie MacLennan
:canada: Samantha Smith
🇨🇳 Liu Lingling
🇨🇳 Zhu Xueying
:egypt: Malak Hamza
🇫🇷 Léa Labrousse
:uk: Laura Gallagher
:uk: Bryony Page
🇯🇵 Hikaru Mori
🇯🇵 Megu Uyama
:mexico: Dafne Navarro
:new_zealand: Madaline Davidson
🇷🇺 Susana Kochesok
🇷🇺 Iana Lebedeva
🇺🇸 Nicole Ahsinger
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Page’s deep pike shape is beautiful. Pleased to see her win another medal. I competed in UK University trampolining for just under two decades (got injured in 2018 and hope to go back) and multiple Olympians have competed in those comps over the years. Pretty cool to see the full spectrum of routines at those comps (no somersault routines all the way to elite).

Very good routines from the top four. I’m very much a four year fan when it comes to this sport. Guess I’d rather do than watch.
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A lot of their leos were amazing. I LOVE China’s–way more than the ones worn by teams or individuals. This is the first time I’ve really watch trampoline; it was really interesting. Can anyone give me a quick overview of execution? The rest of the scoring I could work out but does the execution start from a specific score? What’s a high score vs low? and whats the range on difficulty in the first and second routine? Thanks!
I saw the men’s final. The medalists were very impressive. I see this is the second time trampoline used the central podium. Trampoline on a podium must be a rough adjustment.

I shared the NBC highlights clip with my coworkers. One noted she couldn’t watch the whole thing because it disoriented her. Oops.

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