2022 World Gymnastics Championships MAG Team Final (Wednesday 11/02)

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  1. Japan
  2. Great Britain
3. United States
4. China

5. Italy
6. Spain

7. Brazil
8. Korea


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If there’s still still a leak, do we know what lucky apparatus it will be over today?

On Reddit someone suggested that a tarp could’ve been used to cover it, but then there’s the risk of one unlucky gymnast having a Carrie White moment insert bucket gif
Imagine how pissed you’d be as an audience member if they put the beam in a tent. Obviously it’s better than making people compete on a wet beam, but OMG, I am sure the facility could come up with a better solution given a day to sort it out.

It’s incredibly unlucky that a leak in such a massive roof happened to be right over the relatively tiny surface area consumed by the equipment.
It is not as though there were not other locations the beam could have bean placed in yesterday. Also, a beam is really not that hard to mover, have moved gym nova beams many times, very doable. I get the whole camera logistics, but there was a spot on the podium by the end of the vault run that was plenty big enough.
USA has looked better on pommel horse in recent years. They don’t look as good as usual.
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He somehow lost 1.3 in difficulty from his qualifying routine as well as about a point in E score. It didn’t look that bad.
Japan, GB and Brazil all within a couple of tenths of where they were in prelims after these events. The US have lost three and a half points, missed the start but I think they have come off worst this rotation.
They’re saying he put his hands in the wrong place on one of his skills. Which meant the skill got zero credit and maybe counted towards a CR so that got taken too? Awful start for USA.

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