US WAG Olympic trials Night 2 (LIVE DISCUSSION)

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Be sure to be here at Gymnaverse tonight on your favorite computer or mobile device. Our LIVE DISCUSSIONS are out of this world reaching 500+ posts at light speed!

@RedBirdie Thanks for making this! Just added a pic for marketing purposes.

Going to be fun times cruising the Gymnaverse tonight!

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Here is the Night 1 WAG discussion (that is still going strong) if anyone is looking for it…
US WAG Olympic trials Night 1 Discussion Olympics / Worlds / World Cups
Since I know we’ll have so much to discuss, let’s give tonight it’s own topic! Competition starts at 7:30 eastern Broadcast starts at 8 pm on NBC. To watch the first 30 minutes, you can watch on or And if you really hate NBC’s coverage (and who among us doesn’t), event-specific feeds are here: Day 1 start list: https://usagym…
Is it possible to include the link to the wwgym judging spreadsheet in the first post? Or as close to the first post as possible. I love comparing those scores with USAG scoring but sometimes I forget where to find the spreadsheet.
My comcast listing is showing Women’s Trials on from 8pm-11pm on NBC while Olympic Channel is playing 2021 World Para Ice Hockey Championships from 6:30p-8:30p.
If Simone gets injured tonight, there will be hell to pay!

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Of course, she’s still Simone and she’ll still dominate today, but this is one of the moments where you watch and realize she is human just like everyone else. #GymTrials21

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An observation: Simone seems to be showing visible signs of pain, wincing while she gets her ankles taped and bending over multiple times, seemingly rubbing her back, during warmups. Timid in her walk – not exactly limping but not bouncy like normal either. #GymTrials21
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I don’t care what Nastia wears we only even see her once or twice the entire broadcast.

Most of her instagram is photoshoots, maybe her aim is to get more followers into that sort of thing? It’s a lot of prep for a minute of screen time.
That reminds me of a beribboned crocheted tissue box cover. Maybe she borrowed it from RuPaul. Nah Ru has better taste.
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