AA final Euros

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So apparently Vanessa Ferrari and Marine Boyer pulled out. Naomi Visser is in the first group now, which means Alice D’Amato rejected her spot I guess? Either that, or a mistake has been made. Marine is replaced by Petit
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Great opportunity for Naomi to better herself and especially her bars from Qualification. Very surprised to se Larissa still in the AA. I would not blame her for pulling out, she did what she came to do and has a valid excuse not to compete.
Very happy that finals will be on Eurovision. These were two extremely frustrating days with the shitty live feed. I scared my neighbours with all my screaming and cussing 😜
Yeah Larissa should just rock up for the beam final and go home. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of a Montreal type situation… STOP STOP STOP
I’ve taken the day off work to watch it - I need to mentally prepare in the morning, have a light lunch then lock myself in the dining room to watch it on iPlayer. My husband is not allowed in the room unless I shout, scream, or cry … or he brings coffee. I will then have a nap before the men’s final but we are watching that together. Tomorrow evening will consist of wine and me making him watch routines over and over and agreeing with me that Lari/Gadirova was robbed.

He’s a very tolerant sweetheart - he managed to get us both season tickets for the World Championships in Liverpool next year so he’s definitely in my good books!
Iordache has now withdrawn, which is good news for the Brits and Maggio.
(She’s still down for BB and FX finals)
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I wouldn’t deduct chest.

I’d take 2 on preflight (shoulder angle and leg Sep). 1 for pike down. 3 for hop. 1 for the shuffle.

I don’t think this gets anything for height and distance. It’s massive!
The judging wasn’t the tightest that day!

Glad Iordache is sitting this one out. Very much for the best. We cannot have her going through all that to qualify the very hard way then be too ill to go.
WA Start lists: here

Seems like all the subs have been slotted in where the people they are replacing were.
I don’t think that anybody can really overtake Listunova, Melnikova and Gadirova if they all hit solid routines, but they are Russians and British and need to get through a beam rotation, so I’m predicting nothing.
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Listunova and Melnikova fell in qualis and still came out on top. So unless they fall multiple times, one of them is probably going to come out on top.

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