2023 Worlds WAG Podium Training (Thursday 09/28 Subs 1-3 & Friday 09/29 Subs 4-10)

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Subdivision 1 - ITA, NED, AS2, AS1
EST will start at noon
Subdivision 2 - TPE, USA, AA4, AA7
EST will start at 1:45 pm
Subdivision 3 - AA2, GBR, KOR, RSA
EST will start at 3:30 pm

Subdivision 4 - AA1, ESP, BEL, ROU
EST will start at 3:45 am
Subdivision 5 - MEX, AA9, SWE, AA3
EST will start at 5:30 am
Subdivision 6 - AA6, AUS, BRA, AA12
EST will start at 9:15 am
Subdivision 7 - AA10, AUT, AA5, CAN
EST will start at 11:15 am
Subdivision 8 - GER, HUN, FIN, AA13
EST will start at 1 pm
Subdivision 9 - JPN, CZE, ARG, AA8
EST will start at 2:45 pm
Subdivision 10 - FRA, AA14, AA11, CHN
EST will start at 4:30 pm
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We don’t think Biles is performing a second vault this year, right? If not, the vault podium should be Andrade and Gadirova easily getting medals, with Roberson, Moreno, Yeo, and I’m sure others challening as well.
Ah okay, thank you! Somehow I missed that. Then it’s Biles for gold as long as she lands the triple pike.
Gadirova’s Cheng- very solid. We so seldom see them stuck.

Ruby sat down one of her Amanars but landed another, and it looked fully rotated. Not found any angles without the scoreboard in the way though.

Haven’t been able to find anything about Kinsella on vault though.
Here is Simone’s Cheng

I wonder which she’ll do in TFs? Most likely they can afford her to fall on the YDP and still win, but I could envisage the coaches wanting the more bankable vault of the two.
Just watched Blakely’s routines and I would not agree that she “kind of killed” Wong. Of course her bars and beam were better, but those are the events the two are already going to compete.
It hasn’t, but she’s also never looked like she won’t stand it up. Whereas there is that risk with the YDP.

Or they could go with Option C, the flex, and leave her out completely. Be like yes, yes, we’re resting her. If you thought sending Gabby up first on floor in Rio was an effortless display of dominance…
And here is Andrade’s Cheng (not on podium obviously, but posted today so presumably from Antwerp?)

Out of curiosity, if Laurent stays on the podium during Simone’s YDP, do you reckon she can be beat? Normally she’s got the gold locked up, but Laurent would effectively reduce her D to 5.4. There are a few amazing vaulters here, do any of them have the difficulty across two vaults to challenge?

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