2023 Worlds MAG Podium Training (Wednesday 09/27 Subs 1-4 & Thursday 09/28 Subs 5-6)

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Subdivision 1 - TUR, AA3, GBR, KAZ, BRA, AA8
EST will start at 4 am
Subdivision 2 - AS1, ISR, JPN, UKR, BEL, AS2
EST will start at 6:15 am
Subdivision 3 - AUS, USA, AA6, AA5, UZB, ROU
EST will start at noon
Subdivision 4 - ESP, AA4, NED, CHN, AA10, GER
EST will start at 2:15 pm

Subdivision 5 - EGY, CAN, AA9, COL, SUI, AA7
EST will start at 4 am
Subdivision 6 - ITA, KOR, FRA, AA1, AA2, HUN
EST will start at 6:15 am
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It sounds good.


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you know…I used to love a kovacs salto on HB until everyone does every variation of it without any other variety
Yul podium training rings

Short un-serious interview Gymcastic with Yul and Fred

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Ono informed me of the many many videos on Neutral Deduction’s (Kensley) YT:

In the list of videos are interviews with Oleg and Daiki.
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What does this mean? What am I missing? What is the significance of the screen shot?

Confirmation that Australia are not even attempting to put up a team score…


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That they chose to take a team of specialists instead of their AA champion (who is also better on floor than most of them…) despite their criteria noting that their goal was to get a team score for the Olympics. Which apparently they are not trying to do now. Poor Heath Thorpe.
But how is it “not even attempting to put up a team score?”
If they only had two gymnasts competing floor I understand. They are going to get a team score.
Is it that the athletes listed to compete are so bad on floor that their scores will completely take them out of the running to qualify a team to the Olympics?
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The gymnasts in itallics are not competing the event. They are only putting 2 up on floor. They’ll count 0s.
Heath should find another country to compete for.

Absolutely asinine.

FIG should ban Australia’s men program from competing in team competitions ever again. They are wasting a slot that the next country down the list would probably have been happy to use faithfully.
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The New Zealand men would absolutely be thrilled to have qualified a team especially since they nearly pipped Australia for the spot in the first place. Depending on who they sent to World Cups this year, Australia could’ve forfeited the team spot and probably sent the same # of athletes anyway.

I think they need to figure out a different pathway for Australia/New Zealand to qualify. One country is guaranteed a team slot and the other 2 AAers every year. It seems much harder for NOCs to get 2 AAers through the other non-Europe continentals. Ex: Only 8 individuals qualify from Asian Champs vs NZL getting 2 for losing a dual meet seems unfair.
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