2020 Women's Artistic All Around Final (Thursday, July 29, 2021)

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Start List/Live Results:

Streaming Video:

🇺🇸 Jade Carey
:brazil: Rebeca Andrade
🇺🇸 Sunisa Lee
🇷🇺 Angelina Melnikova
🇷🇺 Vladislava Urazova
:belgium: Nina Derwael

🇨🇳 Tang Xijing
🇫🇷 Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos
:uk: Jessica Gadirova
🇨🇳 Lu Yufei
:hungary: Zsofia Kovacs
:uk: Jennifer Gadirova

🇫🇷 Carolann Heduit
🇩🇪 Elizabeth Seitz
🇮🇹 Alice D’Amato
🇪🇸 Roxana Popa
:canada: Brooklyn Moors
🇯🇵 Mai Murakami

:belgium: Jutta Verkest
🇮🇹 Martina Maggio
🇰🇷 Lee Yunseo
:switzerland: Giulia Steingruber
🇩🇪 Kim Bui

Reserve Athletes
:netherlands: Lieke Wevers
:netherlands: Eythora Thorsdottier
:australia: Georgia Godwin
🇯🇵 Hitomi Hatakeda


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Carey has a great opportunity to get the 3XDLO named now. Given her beam scores she likely won’t have a medal on the line like in EF (although given how unpredictable TF was, who knows!). At any rate she’ll be last up on FX so she’ll know the situation.

I remember joking about Carey 2pering team members and getting into the AA. I never expected it to happen like this.
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Soooo what DA FUCK is going to happen here?

Andrade, the Americans, listunova (i think they’ll sub her in), melnikova, melanie all have a real shot at this.

Of course I’m just mentioning people I’d be okay with winning.
I’m just going to say it once, then move on: this was Simone’s through and through. Even qualification Simone.

That being said, if andrade can pull this off I don’t know what I will do
Yes im sure we can frankeningeneer a great show from somebody beating a sub par Simone. This was still hers, and all other things equal her chance of doing an okey aa was much higher than listy hitting lights out. But i really don’t want to go a lot down this rabbit hole. I need to concentrate into willing andrade through that bb with the sole power of my mind from the comfort of mallorca beaches.
Well obviously it was! Nobody else is capable of doing the sort of gymnastics Simone showed earlier this season. That doesn’t become any less true because she happens not to be doing it now. Facts, plain and simple.
So does Carey take Simone’s place in the lineup still? If so, she will be last on FX… maybe that is a good time to bust out the Carey if she is so far behind for an AA medal(which she should be)
O wow, that’s huge. I assumed they would rerank everyone.

I wonder if Brian has been looking at Jade’s beam and seeing if there is anything he can do to at least get her mid 13s there. Did the panel here have any recs for her? She was straight hammered.
Ugh, this starts at 6:50AM and I go back to work tomorrow at 8AM. Looks like I’ll be following along the discussion and watching the comp later. I don’t know if I could quite get away with setting up my iPad to watch while working.

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