Team Japan announced for Olympics

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Sad for Teramoto but remarkable that she made it this far considering her injury. I am sure she has no regrets following her injury last year which eliminated her from Tokyo, so the postponement was a second opportunity. She is also alternate and there is plenty of time before the Olympics, so you never know.
What do we think about the team? Other than Mai on floor (and potentially vault) are there any other EF prospects?
I’m really happy for Mai, I was so sad for her when she was left off the previous Worlds team due to a technicality, and I’m glad to see her qualify for the Olympics.
Wow, Teramoto has been at it a loooong time. Hard to imagine her not getting her stalwart fourth place finish on something in Tokyo.

What a legacy. Loved her last line in that article
And this is what the #$%& allocation system of the extra spots did. Someone who worked so hard for ten years and came back in such a time from the injury is now on the outside looking in. As much as I don’t want to see anyone have an injury I would love to see Asuka be able to go out as a three-time Olympian.
It’s probably the right team, but I definitely feel for Teramoto. I’m hoping she might try for Worlds. It’s not the Olympics, but it would be lovely to see her on the world stage once more and it’s a home Worlds for her.
To be honest I didn’t judge it.

I am thinking more along the lines of us all talking about Chellsie needing a 13.2 to go to Nationals and then seeing this only get a 13.5 lol

Let me take a look.

ETA ok I had 1.8 plus artistry. Id probably go 0.2. Not much complexity and a little bit trick trick trick but she has good rhythm, good extension, lots of releve. So yeah I had 8.0. I gave a 3 for the wobble on the side jump but I could have gone 1. I’d give this 8.0-8.2.
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I just looked at Chellsie from the video of the simulated meet. I had the same D as above 5,7 (the Popa was incomplete for me so just as C. I had an an E of 6,6. Lots of 0,1 deductions and again, some skills with multiples. The adjustments, pauses and some artistry are going to bring down the score. The routine is at 01:30 exact so any major recovery will probably bring on a time violation as well. It will be interesting to see how the routine goes in actual competition.
I think 6.6 is a little harsh but for sure a hit routine won’t break out of the 7s.

She’s lost a lot of her split/straddle positions due to the hamstring injury.

Very interested to see how she gets scored. I have a wwgym spreadsheet set up. Do you want to join?
It’s so f*cking asinine that an under-rotated Popa on beam (with 3/4 rotation and landing crossways) is worth less than a crossways straddle 1/2
Agreed - I’d like the old, old rule of if it is 270° or more completed - give the value and then deduct.
Now she gets one DV less - deductions for shape, precision, balance, etc. So probably at least 0,3 for a C VP. Better to walk in relevé for the same amount of time and save that deduction!
To follow up on my post here, I just judged the mock meet and I have 6.5 E and 5.7 D for Chellsie’s beam. 12.2.

For her second FTY I had a 9.1. So 13.7.

Total = 25.9.

I just can’t see her increasing her beam score by 1.1 from that mock meet routine. Unless all her straddles instantly become 1s, and she lands more upright on both her tuck front and arabian, gets the Popa full around, and connects the Popa full and illusion sequences.

Basically, she has to go through completely clean to have a shot at a low 13.
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I had:

Vault - 5.4 + 9.2 = 14.6 (she got 14.7)

Bars - EDDD2EDD1D - 5.7 + 7.0 = 12.7 (she got 5.5 + 7.533 = 13.033)

Beam - DECD2DEDC(downgrade to switch)E - 5.6 + 7.4 (artistry 2) = 13.0 (she got 5.6 + 7.933 = 13.533)

Floor - DHFDC2DCCD = 5.8 + 7.9 (artistry 1) = 13.6 (she got 5.8 + 8.4 = 14.2).

AA - I had 53.9 (she got 55.466)
Ooh I thought her floor was really clean.

Interesting that she’s doing two wolf turns–hers have never been too clean nor reliable. She put her hand down on the beam mid-triple turn.
7.9 on floor is still pretty clean when your switch ring gets a 3 and you don’t stick any of your passes, right?

What E’s did you have?

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