US Classic Senior Session 1

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Can anyone recommend a good, reliable free VPN? My elaborate scheme to access Peacock without a VPN has failed and I really want to get everything set up before I head to bed for some sleep before getting up at 3am :). I’m so excited.
Does anyone know if we’ll be able to watch the first session on demand later? It’s not looking like I’ll be able to watch it live. I’m not familiar with their live sporting events.

I just signed in for free via my Roku and it seems to be available…

If only the second session was available for free!!

Judging if anyone wants to play:
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I have the Roko remote and I can download apps to my Roku TV.

I have downloaded the NBC sports app and I can see the GK Elite page but I don’t know if it’s gonna ask me for an NBC sports log in.

I don’t pay anything for my Roku my TV just came with it pre installed.

I thought you need a cable subscription for NBC?
“ Sign in with your TV provider credentials to watch sports with the NBC Sports app. NBC Sports Gold content is available without a TV provider. Terms and subscription fees apply.”

It says Roku on the site.

Not sure how Roku works. I thought once you got Roku you get whatever is available through it.
Cannot find a way to see session 1 from Canada, hoping the link someone shared earlier will work for session 2 later at least.

It is like they do not want us foreigners to see what they’ve got or something.

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