2020 Women's Artistic Qualifications Subdivision 4 (Sunday, July 25, 2021) Teams: CAN/FRA/ESP MG4 (Chuso, Steingruber)

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Star List/Live Results:

Streaming Video:

Gymnaverse Scoring: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ItXWgdLfAP-U48C0qpO_2_MtKwZ6-F4Eid-8n81xbCU/edit?usp=sharing

:canada: Ellie Black
:canada: Brooklyn Moors
:canada: Shallon Olsen
:canada: Ava Stewart

:israel: Lithie Raz
:switzerland: Giulia Steingruber
:uzbekistan: Oksana Chusovitina
:costa_rica: Luciana Alvarado
:malaysia: Farah Ann Abdul Hadi

🇫🇷 Marine Boyer
🇫🇷 Melanie de Jesus dos Santos
🇫🇷 Aline Friess
🇫🇷 Carolann Heduit

🇪🇸 Laura Bechdeju
🇪🇸 Marina Gonzalez
🇪🇸 Alba Petisco
🇪🇸 Roxana Popa
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French leos very understated. Must be expecting to make TF and break out the fancier ones.
No time for this, thanks judges.
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Strong and steady beam for mdjds, so it will probably bet a 12.

Shallon into VT finals in 3rd (after removing Myk)
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She didn’t hit some splits IMO. Let’s see what they say. If it’s like 8.3 then they Didnt take what I took for splits . They were all borderline
Well dang, my internet is starting to freeze. I guess I’ll hit that sack and dream Black, MDJDS, Andrade, and Sariava have excellent scores.

(The just started using an under the vault camera angle, why didn’t they have it for notrussia and usa or did I miss it?)
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