2020 Women's Artistic Qualifications Subdivision 2 (Sunday, July 25, 2021) Teams: CHN/GBR/ROC

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Start List/Live Results: https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/oly...tic-gymnastics/results-women-qual-000002-.htm

Streaming Video: https://stream.nbcolympics.com/gymnastics-womens-qualification-subdivision-2-main-coverage

Gymnaverse Scoring: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ItXWgdLfAP-U48C0qpO_2_MtKwZ6-F4Eid-8n81xbCU/edit?usp=sharing

🇨🇳 Lu Yufei
🇨🇳 Ou Yushan
🇨🇳 Tang Xijing
🇨🇳 Zhang Jin

🇨🇳 +1 Guan Chenchen
🇨🇳 +1 Fan Yilin

:uk: Jennifer Gadirova
🇬🇧 Jessica Gadirova
:uk: Alice Kinsella
:uk: Amelie Morgan


:south_africa: Naveen Daires
:south_africa: Caitlin Rooskrantz
:ireland: Megan Ryan
:austria: Elisa Hämmerle
:sri_lanka: Milka Gehani

🇷🇺 Lilia Akhaimova
🇷🇺 Viktoria Listunova
🇷🇺 Angelina Melnikova
🇷🇺 Vladislava Urazova

🇷🇺 +1 Elena Gerasimova
🇷🇺 +1 Anastasia Ilyankova
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So I half-watched the last rotation. Murakami’s floor score will hold up, but her not scoring 14 makes me a little worried. I hope I didn’t jinx her. Her vault too should make EF, yeah? Watching this live on my friend’s laptop at her place lmao. Going to score a bit
Thanks, my mind’s worn out after the constant feed refreshing in the first rotation. I gave up on seeing it on the tv after the feed kept crapping out every ten minutes for the whole rotation. Strangely, it seems to be fine once I switched to the phone.
I’m watching on my tablet… on here on my phone flipping back and forth between scores and here.

And yeah just thinking about Russia here…

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Ireland and South Africa with similar leos: white with green accent.
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I was just banished to the garage!
I said I would probably get peer pressured into staying up for USA ladies at 2:10 and hubby was like, NO, garage for you so you don’t wake me up wit your clapping and screaming!

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