2020 Women's Artistic Qualifications Subdivision 3 (Sunday, July 25, 2021) Teams: USA/NED/ MG 1/ MG 8 (Danusia, Iordache, AUS)

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Start List/Live Results:

Streaming Video:

Gymnaverse Scoring: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ItXWgdLfAP-U48C0qpO_2_MtKwZ6-F4Eid-8n81xbCU/edit?usp=sharing
:jamaica: Danusia Francis
:peru: Ariana Orrego
:poland: Gabriela Janik
🇨🇱 Simona Castro
🇹🇷 Nazlı Savranbaşı

:netherlands: Eythora Thorsdottier
:netherlands: Vera van Pol
:netherlands: Lieke Wevers
:netherlands: Sanne Wevers

:australia: Georgia Godwin
:australia: Emily Whitehead
:romania: Maria Holbura
:romania: Larissa Iordache
:portugal: Filipa Martins
:slovakia: Barbora Mokošová

🇺🇸 Simone biles
🇺🇸 Jordan Chiles
🇺🇸 Suni Lee
🇺🇸 Grace McCallum

🇺🇸 +1 Jade Carey
🇺🇸 +1 MyKayla Skinner
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I may not make the whole thing. I’ll at least watch through the second rotation. I’m dying to see which of Jade and MyKayla get the second vault spot.
Trying so hard to stay awake. I thought snacks were a good idea bit I think it just induced a food coma.

Totally agree that I’m happy we will know the (USA) floor and vault qualifiers after the first two rotations. Really hoping for Jade on floor and Mykayla on vault. I just want them to walk away with medals since they won’t get a team medal.
I flew back from the West Coast Wednesday evening, and I really don’t think I have properly switched over the East Coast time. This was not at all fun for work, but it’s proving to be a huge advantage this morning.
Adex on Twitch? His channel doesn’t appear on Twitch this evening. If he’s not on it usually shows as offline but there’s nada.
One laptop chose now to apply updates. Doh!oh, John, not the Aussie lady
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