Simone is out of the AA, VT, UB and FX

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Jade is in. Why am I sad, y’all?
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No decision for EF but I have to think this is it for her Olympics. I can’t envision her vaulting, certainly.

Skinner was supposed to leave tomorrow but has been asked to stay an additional week, per her IG stories.
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Wow I just came from watching tf, I am in shock. I hope she’s ok and wish her all the clarity to choose whatever is best for her, I’m sure these are incredibly difficult times. She wasn’t my favourite gymnast but she is already clearly the best there has been, no need for her to prove anything.
To be quite honest, the Olympics need to be over for her. For now her teammates are supportive but if she wins Gold ahead of one of them in EF, their sentiments might change.
I would hope that if she decided to compete, her teammates would support her. I can see it turning bad if she vaults- won’t get into it, but if she does beam and floor, I think people would support her ending it on her terms. And if they didn’t support the athlete who won on the day, despite the endless negativity being written, then that says more about them.
Two days in a row with gymnastics as the main news headline. Not sport headline, the news headline. Mind blowing. I was up at 0400 for swimming, tennis, diving and seeing the gymternet wake up to this news feels surreal.

Gutted for Simone and my thoughts go out to her. Completely respect her decision, she knows what she needs and what is safe.

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If she has lost her way in the air she won’t feel safe competing until she has had a good block of training where she feels secure in her flight moves. I can’t see that happening in time for event finals. She could do a beam with watered down dismount and feel safe maybe. I think floor and vault are out as her routines rely on enormous difficulty with very complex twisting moves. I can’t see any reason for her to do bars really unless she feels it would be nice to step on the competition floor before she leaves. Mental blocks need time and care to sort out so I’m glad she is taking this time. reported this….


If she’s lost her full-in that completely wrecks FX given her tumbling composition. I suppose a double tuck beam dismount might be possible and bars might feel different coming from a swing. But she’s not a prime contender on bars (plus she doesn’t enjoy it) and so much of her beam is the dismount so 😬
I am sad FOR her, but it’s more important that she is able to be safe and healthy. I don’t want to speculate on other finals/going forward. I hope she makes the right choices for herself, not based on anyone elses’ expectations or wishes, thats all.
Good luck to all athletes tomorrow. (and I can’t watch live AGAIN, so I won’t be here tomorrow!)
Black also withdrew with a small injury wants to focus on BB finals so Lieke Wevers will compete instead of her…
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