FIG Updated the Tokyo Qualification Rules

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On March 3, the FIG updated its qualification rules. HERE: Qualification System Tokyo 2020 ART.pdf

“Should the Continental Championships not take place or not be held by latest 29 June 2021, the unused quota place(s) of the respective continent will be reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible All-Around athlete from the same continent by name based on the All-Around results from Qualifications of the 2019 World Championships from an NOC without a qualified team, respecting a maximum of one (1) athlete per NOC. The unused quota places will be reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible athlete or NOC based on the individual ranking results of All-Around Finals (or, if previously agreed, the All-Around Qualifications) of the 2020 Continental Championships. Allocation continuing with the procedure outlined in Criteria 3 (1 athlete per NOC).”

Can we work these gymnasts out, now?
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Oof, this is going to be hard. Just as a reminder, a whole bunch of spots were already handed out to athletes based on the fact that they were one of the top 12 AAers not part of a qualified team, same with EF qualifiers. I tried to come up with a list and it was just too damn hard.

This, along with allocating the AA World Cup spots to the top 3 teams is really screwing over a country like Canada. They wanted to get a +1 (or maybe even 2 +1s) through AA world cup and continentals, and now they’re potentially completely shut out.

I fear this means we’ll end up with a bunch of gymnasts who will finish at the bottom of qualifications, rather than good gymnasts who could challenge for EF spots because there are just so few spots available to countries not named USA, Russia, and China.
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I am going to work on this. However, it is still vague. If athletes already qualified and count as +1 for a NOC does that mean they are ineligible?

Saraiva (BRA), Steingruber (SUI), Godwin (AUS), and Varinska (UKR) are the top 4 to qualify without an individual team.
Does this mean their teammates after them are ineligible?
35th Bachynska (UKR), 41st Kaeslin (SUI), Fidelis (BRA), Nedov (AUS) would all qualify if they can go past +1 however it is unclear if the "maximum one athlete per NOC would be in effect. So I will attempt both lists. Give me a few!
Here is what I came up with.

If it allowed that countries that had an individual qualified through Worlds already can have another athlete it is in column 1. Note- Korea would have a 3rd athlete with this plan, might as well let them do TQ and go 3-3-3. LOL

If a NOC has one athlete already and additional athletes are skipped over, the next best athlete from that continent with an NOC already not qualified is in the second column.
ContinentNOC with 1 athlete qualifiedNOC with no qualifiers
Africa70th -Nadine Daries (RSA)160- Sofia Nair (ALG)
Africa80th- Farah Salem (EGY)152- Anabel Agba (NGR)
Asia66th- An Chang Ok (PRK)114- D Elipitiya Badal (SRI)
Asia73rd- Eom Dohyun (KOR) 3rd KOR gymnast overall 127- Pranti Nayak (IND)
Americas36th- Abigail Magistrati (ARG)104- Luciana Alvarado (CRC)
Americas46th- Thais Fidelis (BRA)115- Karielys Diaz (PUR)
Europe35th- Anastaciia Bachynska (UKR)95- Megan Ryan (IRE)
Europe41st-Illaria Kaeslin (SUI)98- Maria Kharenkova (GEO)
Oceania48th- Emma Nedov (AUS)100- Maia Fishwick (NZL)
I would prefer column 1 because Fidelis (FX), Bachynska (BB/FX/AA), Kaeslin (outside chance BB), and Nedov (BB/AA) are all potential event finalists. Even if they are outside chances. Nedov was 18th on BB and was 2nd in the Apparatus World Cup and IMO deserves a chance. Also would love to see another RSA and EGY over 160th place Algeria and Tunisia which didn’t even finish AA.

The other column would be nice to see India and Sri Lanka have chances along with Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Also Megan Ryan from Ireland is lovely and Kharenkova would be fun purely from nostalgia reasons would be fun. Maia Fishwick representing NZL would be nice for them and she is a beautiful gymnast.
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Amazing good work Rich.

Although I’m all for widening participation - I think I’d kinda prefer the top 2 countries in each Continent getting an extra +1, instead of either of those two columns …
Wow…thank you for making sense of the new rules.

If it gets an Aussie qualified then I’m in favour! However understand the argument that the best athletes should be competing. Do not want an Eric the Eel situation…

Thank you for the great breakdown, irichluck. I’m pretty certain your first column (“NOC with 1 athlete qualified”) takes precedence, because NOCs without fully qualified teams were always able to earn additional quota places through Continentals even if they had gymnasts qualified through AA or EF at Worlds. The “1 athlete per NOC” merely refers to the continents with two quota places, as I’m reading it.

So, Bachynska is fine being reallocated as an AAer after Varinska qualified at Worlds, but a second Ukranian would not be eligible for a Continental spot, as is consistent with the rules if Continentals take place.
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I think that column 1 just further serves as evidence that the FIG is doing injustice by prohibiting countries outside of the top 12 just 1 spot at the Olympics.

If you look at what countries get spots, 7 of the 9 went to teams that finished 13-21
13 AUS
14 BRA
15 UKR
16 KOR
17 SUI
18 HUN
19 ARG
20 PRK
21 MEX

Hungary and Mexico are eliminated due to only two spots for Europe and two spots for Americas.
I get trying to push for more participation from Africa but I think 1 spot would be fine, especially considering that both South Africa and Egypt qualified on their own.

I think they should go back to allocating a 2nd gymnast from at least countries ranked 13-18 if not from all countries that fielded a full team, so 13-24.
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Ugh, Maria Kharenkova just tore her Achilles at Russian Nationals. So strike her from the list of potential Olympians.

She was also the 2nd alternate for a spot from worlds AA ranking qualification.
I saw that.

So sad.

Argyro Afrati from Greece would be the next in line from Worlds AA qualifications.

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