2022 Worlds Qualification

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This afaik is the first quad where the mid quad worlds has had a qualification process, rather than being open to all comers. It’s basically going to be like Tokyo, sans pandemic hopefully, for every non-individual world championships now. Clearly we’re going to need a thread for this, so I’ve bravely stepped up and those of you who actually understand it can do the hard work.

Full teams need to be qualified through continental championships, all still to be held. To the best of my knowledge there’s no pre qualifier for those, so anyone who wants to can enter.

Individuals can qualify through the world cup series and also through continental championships. There is information about the world cup series below.

https://www.gymnastics.sport/public...ratus World Cup Rules 2022-2024 - Changes.pdf

Baku is on this weekend and is the final one. Still ongoing so I don’t think there are full qualifier lists, but some gymnasts have won all or nearly all the events. So we know Chusovitina has qualified through WAG vault and Kovtun for MAG parallel bars. Seeing that Ireland MAG have qualified four too. Not Dom Cunningham so he presumably wants to try for an AA spot at Euros.

Further information, corrections, speculation and bullshitting all welcome.
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The change in qualification process is due to FIG continually struggling to find hosts for mid quad worlds due to the costs involved with staging an event with so many competitors. Rather than any gymnastic reason
Mmm, I’m a bit sad about that but there doesn’t seem to be any way round it if they can’t get the hosts. C’est la vie.
Yes and no. It was pretty mad that there was no qualifying criteria for the world championships. I can’t think of any other Olympic sport where that’s the case
The qualification process also shortens the competition as well. There will be far less qualification subdivisions.
I do like the idea of qualifying to Worlds rather than open to all comers.
As a trade off Junior Worlds will be open to all countries, so all member federations will still have World competitions available to participate in throughout the quad.
The FIG achieved legendary levels of incompetence between 1990 and 2020. It would have folded without the Olympics bankrolling it. That period should be a case study on how not to manage spectator sports. Qualification protocols for world championships are much needed.
The Baku world cup has now finished so the series is complete. Full results below


Can’t find a list of those qualifying to worlds anywhere yet though, so we’ll have to fill in the gaps. I’m also wondering how they’re going to deal with the Russian and Belarussian bans, if any of them would actually have qualified. And actually even if they haven’t presumably everyone who’s been in the series and is eligible for worlds would be ranked, in case of withdrawals?

eta- they probably can’t do an official list yet in fact, since the teams aren’t qualified?
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I think that they can’t until after continentals, because some of the gymnasts may qualify as an AA gymnast from there, or their country may qualify a team and make them ineligible. They may have to go quite far down the list to find their top 8s (Am I right in thinking the top 8 on each apparatus get a spot?)
You’d think it would be even harder to find a host city for Junior Worlds, like the marketing options are severely limited. Though i guess team sizes are a bit smaller which might help balance things but you lose that advantage when every country can send a team.
Surely it makes financial sense for all involved that junior worlds be held alongside senior worlds. Events are typically in the afternoon/evening. All morning it’s sitting there empty. It would also give junior worlds more prestige and attention
Interesting. Do you know of anywhere with full rankings lists yet? Wikipedia just has winners so far.

Also, has anyone got their head round yet what happens when an individual qualifies in more than one capacity? I know team trumps individual spot, so for example while Batrona and Boczogo would qualify based on winning the events, both come from countries that could qualify full teams at Euros and therefore they wouldn’t then qualify as individuals. But what about if Chusovitina hypothetically does AA at the Asian Games and finishes high enough to qualify there as an individual too, what does she go as? I’m guessing AAer because that means she can do more events, but that’s not based on any actual understanding.

Pamchenkova tweeted this reply with the relevant screenshots. In your scenario Chuso would qualify AA and they’d move down the list. This also answered my question of whether a team could qualify more than five in this way.

Gymfan93 posted the gymter.net ranking list links in post seven.

Listunova is 7th on vault as well.
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Oh I completely missed that. Those look invaluable, thanks @Gymfan93!

Looking at what we have so far for the WAG, I think we can say the following are from countries that probably won’t qualify teams (remember that Europe has 13, Africa 1, Oceania 1, Asia 4 and Americas 5). However these top 8s will probably change as some will qualify AA. Some gymnasts are top 8 on more than one event.

VT- Chusovitina, Kysselef, Samanta, Netzer, Belak, Rolston-Larking, Nayak, Lopuzanska
UB- Hribar, Rooskrantz, Kanter, Salem, Daries, Netzer, Kayisoglu, Aripova
BB- Czech are borderline. I’ll include Trnokva for now, followed by Hribar, Angel Wong Hiu Ying, Yerbossynkzyzy, Daries, Bauryzanova, Roozkrantz, Kanter
FX- Aripova, Bauyrzhanova, Trnkova, Hribar, Kuusikko, Khalilova, Ogieglo, Rolston-Larking

Czech Republic are borderline and while I’ve assumed Egypt will beat South Africa for the continental spot, if they don’t then that flips things round a bit.
Also, I think 8 from each event is too much. Would rather they go down to 2-4 per event and then reallocate and either have additional teams or additional all arounders qualify
They may end up going pretty low down in the world cup rankings for WAG, depending on how the AA spots go. For example on bars, Aripova is the 8th ranked of those I don’t think will qualify a full team, and she’s 27th of 37 ranked. Probably at least some of the 7 above will qualify as AAers.

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