2023 World Qualification Status and Named Teams

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So…gymnastics coaches can only be one country? I was always amused by Brian Orser changing jackets to match whatever athlete was currently skating. I can’t imagine the chaos that would ensue if figure skating coaches were told they could only pick one country from now on. Why is that still a thing in gymnastics?
So…gymnastics coaches can only be one country?
I have no idea if there’s a rule saying they can only be one country, I’m just saying both Florida coaches aren’t busy with Team USA, because only Wong is being coached by a Florida coach. DiCello is with Hill. So Florida has other coaches available or maybe the coach going with Wong will coach both Wong and Pilgrim. They’re in different subdivisions so they wouldn’t have to be running across the arena or anything. I don’t know what their plan is.
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Wasn’t there an issue at the Paris world cup because France wouldn’t release Kaylia Nemour’s coach so he could seek accreditation through Algeria to be on the floor with her?

Emma is out of Worlds.

This is crushing for Germany.

With Mexico, Korea, Australia, and Romania on the rise, teams like Belgium, Germany and Hungary cannot afford these injuries.

With Germany, Spain, and Belgium unlikely to qualify, and no team Russia, we are looking at 4 new teams at the Olympics that were not there for 2020.
Brazil, Japan, Italy, Australia, Mexico, France, Netherlands are probably the frontrunners. I might be underestimating Korea and Romania though. I stopped putting stock in the latter’s ability to deliver several years ago (they always have the talent), and Korea is a bit of a mystery for me.

Am I forgetting anyone?

ETA: China, lol
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The thing with Romania is they definitely can qualify with hit routines, but what are the chances of that?

More injury news today - confirmed that Miella Brown has torn an ACL, so Emily Whitehead will be the fifth team member for Australia.

It is a bit sad that we aren’t going to see so many of the teams fighting for the top 12 at full strength. It almost feels like qualification will be decided by injuries before the competition at this rate.
I have
Brazil, France, China, Italy, Japan should easily qualify with a few mistakes.

That leaves 4 left.
If they hit and no disasters, Australia and Netherlands should make it in.
Georgia Godwin has been aces all year long (hopefully her back is ok) and Ruby Pass brings big gymnastics (and a DTY) as a strong 1-2 punch. Netherlands are all veterans and have big numbers from anchors, as long as Visser and Thorsdottir hit in prelims they should be good to go as Van Pol, Veerman, and Wevers give a solid/big 3rd score on each event.

That leaves 2 spots left.
Hungary and Germany were in for me, but Kovacs and now Malewski being injured hurts.

So its Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Korea, Spain going for 2 team spots.

Likely Korea and Mexico will get the last two spots. Romania will be the 10th team and first out. I don’t think Germany, Belgium, or Spain have enough depth and big scores to replace the losses of Derwael and Valen and Seitz and Malewski. Sad because with these 4 healthy Germany and Belgium would be fighting to make team finals.

Now they are fighting for 13-15 and an additional non-nominative to Paris.

Crazy how Belgium and Germany might finish and grab a non-nominative spot and none of the athletes that earned them will end up with that spot.

I also think Canada could be suspect to finishing out of team finals and potentially out of top 12. Good thing for them they qualified last year or they would be in the same boat as Belgium and Germany.

ETA- Belgium could also sneak in, especially if the home town crowd helps rather than hurts them. Hit routines will get the audience behind them, but home crowd can also mean pressure to hit.
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I think a hit Romania would give a hit Netherlands quite the competition

Belgium without Derwael and Vaelen seems so unlikely
Spencer has analysis up
  1. United States 171.353
  2. Italy 164.277
  3. Brazil 163.088
  4. China 163.031
  5. Great Britain 162.497
  6. Japan 160.539
  7. France 159.539
  8. Netherlands 159.044
  9. Canada 158.151
  10. Australia 157.890
  11. South Korea 157.202
  12. Mexico 156.637
  13. Romania 156.392
  14. Germany 154.635
  15. Belgium 153.919
  16. Spain 153.576
  17. Hungary 151.890
  18. Sweden 149.582
  19. South Africa 148.380
  20. Austria 147.458
  21. Czech Republic 147.458
  22. Taiwan 146.946
  23. Finland 144.205
  24. Argentina 142.768
  1. United States 176.250
  2. Italy 169.616
  3. Great Britain 169.400
  4. China 168.396
  5. Brazil 168.100
  6. France 165.717
  7. Australia 165.646
  8. Netherlands 165.299
  9. Japan 164.664
  10. Canada 164.183
  11. Romania 163.399
  12. South Korea 163.016
  13. Mexico 161.766
  14. Germany 160.832
  15. Hungary 160.832
  16. Spain 160.733
  17. Belgium 158.315
  18. Austria 154.534
  19. Czech Republic 154.100
  20. Finland 152.914
  21. South Africa 152.849
  22. Sweden 151.964
  23. Taiwan 151.729
  24. Argentina 146.166
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If two of Belgium, Mexico, and S Korea don’t qualify teams, that makes Chusovitina’s path to Tokyo a lot more dicey. She better hope one of those teams qualifies and Moreno or Yeo places the highest on VT. If Vaelen goes the WC route and she still has to contend with Moreno or Yeo, Chuso will have to bring her biggest vaults every time, and that still may not be enough.

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