2024 US Nationals WAG Session 1, Day 1

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I didn't see a thread so I figured I'd start one. (if there is one, delete or merge this one)

Start Lists here: https://myusagym.com/meets/live/89745/session/1W/startList/

I did see some clips of CaMarah Williams podium training on FX and she had some nice tumbles. Lots of bounce but absorbed by her split leaps. I think she has good potential to break into the higher levels with some more seasoning. I can't recall if she was one who struggles on the arm event vs. the leg events but I liked what I saw.
Thank you, makam! I'm a little behind on setting up threads today (sick kid......although that does mean I can watch session 1, rather than doing school pick-up and taking him to the ice rink!)

This session will be on USAG's YouTube channel:

PDF start list, which is more accurate than what USAG has posted on the results page: https://static.usagym.org/PDFs/Results/2024/w_24champs_start1_1.pdf

The excitement kicks off at 1:45 central time.
Of course they mixed all the juniors and seniors together. It would have made more sense to have all the juniors rotate together and all the seniors rotate together but no.

GAGE is the only gym here with gymnasts in both categories (3 SR, 1 JR.) Every other gym has either all juniors or all seniors.

I hate this format so much lol.
Claire Pease will probably win.

Lavi Crain had a bad time at US Classic but she came close to winning Winter Cup so I'd say she's one to watch as well. Tyler Turner too.
Looks like live scores with d and e breakdown is only posting junior scores. If you want scores for the seniors, you need to look here:

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