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They have the contract to design the leisure wear, ie not the athletic wear, which I think is Nike. They’ve had it since at least 2012
And they do practically the same thing every time, and it basically never feels representative of the nation. This is the worst yet, though, I think.

Edit to add- good on Shilese for being a chosen model, though, she is well suited for that role. None of the criticisms here have anything to do with her.
It's very much the RL aesthetic. Are we surprised that it's one again screaming privileged preppy white New England?
Opening Ceremonies
ralph lauren 1.png

Closing Ceremonies
Ralph Lauren 2.png

Extra outfits
ralph lauren 3.png

ralph lauren 4.png

ralph lauren 5.png
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I like the blazers.

Those Nascar-like jackets are weird. There has been this horrible (IMO) fashion trend of very oversized clothing and it has made its way into these outfits.
Sneak peak at the Team USA medal ceremony jackets

Medal Ceremony Uniforms - Team USA 1.jpg

Medal Ceremony Uniforms - Team USA 3.jpg

For the Podium – Traditional and Sleek Fit by Nike

Nike is in charge of outfitting Team USA's medal-winning athletes — and as early looks have already proven, every man and woman standing atop the winner's podium will be celebrating in comfort and style.

According to Nike, medal winners will don blue "zipped jackets with mock collars and slim-fitting pants with tapered legs made from the same stretchy material as the jacket." Using many design cues and flourishes from the classic Nike attire of yesteryear, the athletes will easily be confused for activewear models. Of course, the podium uniform isn't complete without authentic Nike Air Max sneakers to round out the look. Don't worry; Nike will supply every medal winner with new, color-matched kicks.

I feel like this is a ridiculous amount of gear, though. I get having a uniform or two, but they're practically giving the athletes a wardrobe. It's unnecessary.

Oh they get way.. way more than just this. They get all of the USOC gear, the gear from their specific sports federation, plus gifts from all of the sponsors. Shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, cell phones, and more.


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