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Olympic leos are being revealed!

2024 Japan Olympic Leos.png

Germany leos.png
I kind of can condone the japanses blue ones, the other one is ugly.
The german leo is unusual, interesting, I reserve judgement until I see them in action. Are they leo’s or suits?
Can't wait for the pendulum to eventually swing back toward minimalism with leotards. I find the ubiquitousness of these super-busy designs to be baffling -- it often looks like the gymnast is carrying around an odd easel or canvas on their torso rather than a garment that highlights their physical form. (not that any of the above leotards are among the worst offenders.)
I mean sure I'm all for gymnasts getting their coins with commercial partnerships and even luxury ones like that are cool to see. And I can even forgive 10,000 swarovski crystals, like sure, have some glitter all over. It's more the completely discrete design elements that are forced together as if the designers had a bunch of extra patterns they needed to get rid of.

But going through Melanie's recent meets (dang she's competed a lot this year!) -- she actually seems to have better than average taste in leotards, or maybe better than average sponsorships.

But even with this one -- which I think is quite good looking -- I think the 'overdesign' still happens with the back cut-out. Likewise when there are random sheer fabrics mixed in . It just seems clear to me that breaking up the design flow with more shapes is just not a great idea... but it seems requisite on 90% of leos now , so what do I know. ¯\(ツ)

How and why does Ralph Lauren have a stranglehold on Team USA outfitting? Damn, we do have other fashion designers here...
They have the contract to design the leisure wear, ie not the athletic wear, which I think is Nike. They’ve had it since at least 2012

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