2021 Russian Cup (June 8-12) -- last Russian competition before Tokyo, besides videoless verification meets

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Every session will be streamed on the federation’s website. So thankfully we don’t have to rely on instagram lives and other crowd-sourced footage for this meet!



17:00 – 19:30 (6am-8:30am ET, 3am – 5:30am PT) MAG Qualification


16:00 – 18:00 (5am-7am ET, 2am-4am PT) WAG Qualification

JUNE 10​

14:00-16:30 (3am-5:30 ET, 12pm-2:30am PT) MAG AA Final

17:00 – 18:30 (6am-7:30am ET, 3am-5:30am PT) WAG AA Final

JUNE 11​

16:00-19:00 (5am-8am ET, 2am-5am PT) Event Finals

JUNE 12​

16:00-19:00 (5am-8am ET, 2am-5am PT) Event Finals

"The competition will take place on June 8th-12th and the field includes most of the national team in addition to other senior elite gymnasts representing their regions. On the women’s side, we will not see Uliana Perebinosova, Arina Semukhina, and Irina Komnova, because these three will compete at the Osijek World Cup. Elena Eremina has announced today she will miss the Russian Cup due to health issues. On the men’s side, Artem Pleshkin and Sergei Krivunets will compete in Osijek instead of the Russian Cup.

We are expected to see three post-surgery comebacks of Olympics contenders. Ivan Stretovich missed the Russian Championships because of wrist surgery. Dmitri Lankin competed there with a foot injury and had surgery a week after. Artur Dalaloyan tore his Achilles the day before leaving for the European Championships and will try to compete in Novosibirsk only two months after his surgery. Denis Abliazin who only did rings at the Russian Championships and wasn’t able to recover in time for Euros will come back on vault at the Russian Cup." -Gymnovosti Blog
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Anyone care to share who they believe is in the running for the Olympics besides the obvious choices (Nagorny, Ablyazin, Melnikova, Listunova, Urazova). I know they have specialists on the men’s side but who do they have on the ladies side that would make the most of the two extra spots?
On the MAG side I guess that
  • Belyavskiy must be a favourite after his 3 gold medals at Euros
  • Dalaloyan - is trying to come back crazy early after tearing his achilles in late April
For WAG I think that Gerasimova and maybe Vorona have a shot
For the MAG, it’s not settled until after Doha whether they will have two non-nominative spots or one plus Poliashov. I don’t know enough about Russian MAG to say whether that makes a difference to who ends up being sent.
Updates from training sessions:
Listunova: sílivas on floor
Melnikova: DLO + split jump
Urazova: full in pike
Schekoldina: 1.5 twist double tuck, silivas and chusovitina. All of Them to soft Mat

Source: stories @goddessofgymnastics

Artur on rings. She’s putting videos up if you want to browse for some other coverage. His pommel horse is up too.
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