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Really puts it into perspective how little time is left before the Olympics. We are already into the end game of 2023, the rest of this year brings us:

US Classic: August 3-6
Nationals: August 24-27
World Team Selection Camp: Sept. 20-23
World Championships: Sept. 30 to Oct. 8
Pan American Games: Oct. 20 to Nov. 5
National Team Camp: Nov. 13-16

No camp in December, it’s possible USAG could send a gymnast to Swiss Cup/Arthur Gander since they did last year, but other then those that’s it for 2023. Going into 2024 we have nothing in January as usual, just a camp. February kicks things off with another camp and Winter Cup. Then there is only two months of a “spring season” for international meets before you’re right into the grind of Classics/Nationals/Trials starting in May. That’s not a lot of time.

National Team Camp: Jan 8-11
National Team Camp: Feb 5-8
Winter Cup: Feb 23-25

Doha World Cup: March 1-3
Baku World Cup: March 8-10
DTB Pokal Mixed Cup: March 12-18

National Team Camp: April 12-15
Jesolo Trophy: April 16-22
Pac Rims: April 18-24
American Classic: April 25-28

Pan Am Championships: TBD

US Classic: May 17-19
US Nationals: May 30-June 2
Olympic Trials: June 27-30
Olympic Team leaves for Paris: July 17

Lot of team events in there. DTB, Jesolo, Pac Rims are all team events.

For anyone making a comeback who isn’t competing this year (Trinity Thomas, Douglas) you really need to be full routine ready by that February Camp. Winter Cup and April NTC are going to be the only chances to get selected to compete anywhere before US Classic.
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Did national training camps used to be monthly. I thought they used to have it more often.
There’s not really a place for any more camps with this schedule. You’ve got one in Jan, Feb, no point for one in March since half the team will be traveling (Juniors have Gymnix in March as well), then one in April, then all the competitions start in May and you’re off to the Olympics.

There are three more NTCs after July, in September, October, and November. There’s also two camps for the junior team in June and July since they don’t have Trials/Olympics. Plus a bunch of elite developmental camps (run by Dan Baker) throughout the year. Camps are happening monthly, it’s just not always a full national team camp.
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