2021 Doha WC

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…is happening after all. June 23-26. A lifeline for Vanessa Ferrari, as well as Petrounias and MAG on certain events. This all but assures Jade Carey’s participation at Trials because the two meets overlap, so no way her +1 could be confirmed before the selection of the U.S. team.

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Ask and ye shall receive.
  • General is the event actually going to go ahead, what happens if a key player/all key players test positive, have to isolate etc. As with any competition nowadays.
  • Rings is a bloodbath. Twitter reliably informs me that Petrounias has to win, which would push it to a tiebreaker. He needs at least 15.333.
    If he gets the spot instead of Liu, I don’t know where that leaves China’s individual spots: Weng Hao is leading pommels right now, someone cleverer than me please tell us if that means he gets the non-nominative plus one for China instead?
  • Ferrari v Mori for the last floor spot, all-Italy winner takes all. Bear in mind there’s still the simmering controversy of awarding the win based on prelims last year.
  • Doha WC is happening at the same time as the US Olympic Trials, so Jade Carey won’t have been offered her spot and had to make a decision prior to the point at which the Olympic team is selected.
    Previously, there was (I thought anyway) a strong argument for her to accept her individual spot rather than betting all her money on USAG. It always seemed like there was a good chance she’d decide a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush. Now, there’s no need for her to do that. This raises the possibility of whether USAG are going to try and avoid a highly embarrassing loss of Olympic berth by lowballing her so she doesn’t end up in the top 2 AA.
    If Jade did end up by some splatfest on the main US team, and declined her spot, vault would be still all to play for. Coline Devillard is on 75 points and Teja Belek has 71. Actually I think everyone 6th and above would still be in contention in that scenario?
FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup series – 2020 Summer Olympics Qualification - Wikipedia

Paseka afaik isn’t training now, but we saw Kyssalef the other week. What about Yu Linmin?

As always, my understanding of this process is about 70% tops, so further clarification and info would probably be beneficial.
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Amazing. Thank you!

I guess we will know a lot more about the Jade situation by tomorrow night. Personally, I don’t think she’s going to come Top 4 AA. Her beam and bars are too weak.

Do we know that both Mori and Ferrari are going to Doha? It will literally be “winner takes all”? That is some pressure right there. And of course, we will be scrutinising the judging of those routines…
I doubt that Jade will be top 4 AA, and even if she were it might not be enough. Her being on the main team would almost certainly require lots of splats and/or injuries, especially as USAG would have a pretty substantial incentive to massage the scores.

AFAIK we haven’t had confirmation yet from anyone competing in Doha, I’m just assuming the relevant parties all want to.
It goes chronologically. It should be the continental spot, but with the meets shifting around, I don’t know.
If it’s adjusted to Europeans, Nicola Bartolini would get the spot.
Yes, Russia will drop the Continental spot. The +1s are still allocated in order (apparatus WC, AA WC, Continental) regardless of when those series conclude.
Probably doesn’t matter to Russia anyway because they would have sent Poliashov as +1 WC or as +1 Continental anyway.
It’s more about the impact on the continental spots really. Looking at the others, I don’t think there’s potential for any other continental place to be reallocated based on Doha results is there?
No impact at all.
Asian Championships were cancelled and continental spots reallocated to next in line 2019 World AA qualification.
Only 14 women competing here and 3 from Egypt and Brazil so pretty much if you compete in qualifications you make it to finals unless from those two countries.

Brazil: Lorraine Olivera, Rebecca Andrade, Flavia Saravia
Egypt: Zeina Ibrahim, Nnacy Taman, Jana Mahmoud
France: Coline Devillard
Hungary: Zsofia Kovacs
Italy: Vanessa Ferrari, Lara Mori
Qatar: Duha Al Habshi
Ukraine: Anastasiia Bachynska, Diana Varinska
Uzbekistan: Oksana Chusovitina

Only FX has any implications for Olympic qualification.

The MAG side has some interesting ramifications should specific gymnasts qualify or not. Lots of scenarios based on who places where and tie breakers etc.
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Petrounias has just got 15.133 on rings in prelims. Obviously will be enough for the final, but he’s going to have to raise his game. Not sure if he watered down at all.
Petrounias has just got 15.133 on rings in prelims. Obviously will be enough for the final, but he’s going to have to raise his game. Not sure if he watered down at all.
hmm I know we can’t compare scores but that score would have won in 2019… I hope he makes it!

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