Simone’s Gold Over America Tour

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Laurie, PPL, Ohashi, Jordan, Nush and Morgan.
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Hmmm Jordan and Morgan are doing it.
I wonder if they are giving up their NCAA eligibility. Unless whatever they make is less than the limit set in place by NCAA.
A lot of the outrage stems from various news sites and social media painting a false narrative/ publishing lies/false facts.
Then the average fan/four year fan gets outraged.

Several news outlets said that the FIG has banned several of Biles skills. When that is far from reality.

Also, Biles is not in this video, but the YouTube user incorrectly claims skills/combinations are banned:
She was asked on YT chat (during her video premieres) if she’d rather do tour or worlds - she answered worlds.
Fair enough!

Tbh I don’t think she’s on the worlds radar…

A rather generous 13 on floor and she would have gotten a 53.1 AA. With a very inflated vault score.

She would have come 17th AA.
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I also can’t imagine Chellsie wanting to put on a sparkly dance costume and prance around for an audience of little kids and parents (who are her peers).
There’s no good reason for Chells to tour and every reason not to. I’d bet she made all the money she needs in her first time around.
And Chellsie has a paying job, at the very least–is she a partial owner on the gym these days? And they’d have to bring in another coach to cover her job. It just doesn’t seem likely to make sense for her, between family, work, the potential benefits of doing worlds, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did a few stops near home, but there would be no pressing reason to do the whole thing and a lot of reasons that it would be complicated to.
Have people watched episode 1?

I didn’t appreciate the replay of the start of the pandemic. (Although I realized why they included that part–to show how hard the extra year of training was.) It just was not enjoyable to relive the questions and fear we felt when the corona virus was spreading and the anxiety of the first lockdown.

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