Huge Jade FX upgrades

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Somebody’s trying not to get two-per’d again.

Here’s it with slo-mo and also Riley doing a double double and a Chuso.

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Same. But I guess we’ll just have to live with knowledge that she almost certainly is watching it. And mad af about it. 🤣
The question for me is will she have the stamina? I’m remembering her going this route before not having enugh juice then dialing it back.
Agreed, following Carey, Riley jumping to her hands in the round-off is pretty glaring.

Why change what has been working so well all quad for her? She consistently gets high 13s with a 5.3 SV if she hits, whereas we see the other elites struggling to break 14 with higher SVs. I don’t see these upgrades materializing well enough to out balance the deductions for landing/chest position.
That Silivas is so slung backward that she is going to be facing at least .3- .6 in deductions for steps and potential out of bounds. The first twist and flip is not compact enough.

The Chusovitina doesn’t look like she can land it upright enough to not incur deduction for being bent over.

Overall it does seem like she has much more power than she had before. I don’t know why there is a fascination with putting in huge elements like that. She should come up with clean combination passes and max out on dance, leaps, and secure tumbling.
She has always been fairly good with front elements so it is a shame she never learned an ADF on FX she could connect it to a leap s her opening line.
It sounds like doing it in competition won’t benefit Riley. Tumbling harder in practice…does it help her with the less difficult tumbling she has been accustomed to? Maybe that’s the reason she’s trying difficult and unattainable elements?
Perhaps, but there are better ways to go about making tumbling easier for her, eg drilling hard basic technique like setting up not out or hand placement in RO.

If they were tumbling harder for the reason you gave, I think they’d probably be training the Silivas/Chuso on a tramp or tumbletrak, something less pounding while still getting the repetitions and building the air awareness. I think their goal is to get one or both of these in a routine, but given her injury track record, I feel like they’re asking for trouble.

Here’s a DLO attempt from a couple years ago (it makes Ragan’s look like a technician’s dream lol). Certainly new coaching and distance from Haney have been helpful for her fitness/strength, but I don’t see this being a productive route to go down for her. Her set is just too poor to make these alone safely on a comp floor, let alone with few enough deductions to make it worthwhile.

You’d think that training a Chuso and a Silivas would at least mean she’s way more comfortable and confident with a DLO and Tuck Full In.
Apparently Ou Yushan is training a 7.5 (?!?!) SV on beam

Has anyone seen it or knows what it looks like?

I’ve seen clips of her doing side somi - split 1/2 - straddle 1/2 - jump full turn. Which is like, 4 Ds and 7 tenths bonus?!

I’ve also noticed a huge structural key to these Chinese beam routines is to do: DAcro-DDance-BAcro which gets 0.4 in bonus.
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Also - off topic - but have any of you guys ever seen a Double Pike 4th tumble that was worth doing (provided she’s already done a double Salto earlier in the routine)?

It’s kinda a pet peeve of mine. Seeing a gymnast huffing and puffing in the corner before throwing themselves into a Double Pike fourth line. It is NEVER worth it. There’s always going to be a B (or even an A) that you’re not counting for DV which can be used instead.

It might have been worth it in the old days when you needed a D dismount for full CR. But in this Code - NO! It seems like a relic of Code’s past that just hasn’t gone yet.

How about using that last 8 seconds with some beautiful complex choreography, and turn that Artistry deduction from a 3 to a 2 or a 1. And there’s no risk or falling, landing short, or going OOB. If Chellsie does this I will be so annoyed.
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She can actually connect all that?? I haven’t seen these clips but that is pretty darn hard.
That’s understood. But that literally means for all that effort, she’s gaining MAX a deduction-free C.

Don’t you think that’s a hopeless waste of time and effort.

There are so many easier ways to gain a tenth or two.
This is one of my issues with elite gym right now. Certainly in the past there was not enough reward for clean, ample gymnastics, but I feel like they’ve over-calibrated to the point there’s no incentive to do anything harder than a C skill no matter how cleanly you can do it. I’ll take a double pike with a hop over a 2/1 or front 1/1 dismount any day of the week.

The removal of the up-to-level dismount requirements has not done what I had hoped it would do for the sport. I’m gonna gauge my eyes out if I have to see another double tuck dismount on bars. Although the open-ended system has been great in some aspects, gymnastics by the numbers has been mostly a negative for the sport imo.
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