Grace McCallum Injury (Knee)

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And while the score was disappointing from the Red Rocks a week after recording its first 198 score of the season, it was secondary to an injury sustained by sophomore Grace McCallum in the fifth spot. McCallum landed awkwardly and instantly grabbed her right knee, according to reports from the meet that was not broadcast in any form.

McCallum was instantly taken away to be evaluated before returning on crutches. Utah gymnastics tweeted that she was “treated by our medical staff” but would not return for the remainder of the meet. The severity of her injury remains unknown, but Utah head coach Tom Farden said the team’s medical staff will “find out exactly what happened after we get some thorough testing done.”

“instantly grabbed her right knee” is never good

Weird that she came back on crutches. You’d think she would want to go get an MRI no?

Edit: Initial reports were knee. Now i’m hearing rumours it was her right ankle? Still think knee as the reporting says her knee was wrapped.
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Some doctors like to wait for the initial swelling to go down before an MRI depending on the injured area. Or the school wants to wait and use their own doctor/ hospital vs one out of town. With a lot of injuries waiting on the MRI will not change the treatment course.
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Hyperextension of the right knee. I didn’t hunt for the official press release but there’s quotes from it.

Per Utah gymnastics — via Utah’s medical staff — McCallum “suffered a hyper extension of the right knee.”

Edit to add. It might not be season ending for her.

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Last night at the meet, confirmed that it is hyperextension of knee, no surgery required.
Prognosis: needs to rest and recover on her own…IE out for the rest of the season.
She will need at least 4 weeks or so to recover fully so that brings us to PAC 12 championships.
Regionals shortly after that and Nationals are 7 weeks out, starting on April 13.

I don’t see her making it back, though if anyone can it is Grace, but do you put her in bars and beam for regionals and nationals?
I don’t think it is worth risking it. They miss her vault but that is about it. Smith on beam and Thompson on bars was fine. Eaker is a suitable enough replacement on floor.

We shall see, but at least it doesn’t require surgery.

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