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Netherlands WAG
Elze Gurts
Eythora Thorsdottir
Vera van pol
Sanna Veerman
Tisha Volleman

Nola Matthews
Zoe Miller
Josclyn Roberson
Ashlee Sullivan
Lexi Zeiss

US WAG Mixed Cup
Addison Fatta
Nola Matthews
Elle Mueller

Asher Hong
Brody Malone
Yul Moldauer
Shane Wiskus
Fred Richard

US MAG Mixed Cup
Jeremy Bischoff
Landon Blixt
Isaiah Drake
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It was a splatfest of a meet, and Roberson hit beam and floor. Combine that with 6.0 d scores on both events…I don’t think it was the judges in this case. Even with hit routines, the judges weren’t kind in the e-score department.

I think you could still justify skipper over her, or at least sending her to Jesolo rather than DTB, but…aesthetically pleasing gymnasts need to hit their damn routines so we’re not having this conversation in the first place!
Like her gymnastics or not, her D scores got her 6th in the AA, 2nd on beam and floor, and she showed two vaults–I can’t find the two-vault rankings, but I believe she may have won that. Those results merit an international assignment, especially when you combine it with Chellsie and Alicia having been very clear they want all national team members on international assignments.

ETA: I would also say DTB is the better meet for her to get a realistic take on her international scoring potential. If they want to tell her she has to clean up to get more assignments after this, then sending her to DTB, where the scoring will be tighter than Jesolo, is the better option.
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I will die if she ends up getting a pass from the international judges, just like Raisman always did. But am I imagining things or did she look better this year since her move to WCC? Who knows what they’ll end up being able to do with her if she starts treating her basics like a priority.
Entry lists here (as of now still missing some countries) https://www.enbw-dtbpokal.de/starterfeld/

Australia, Belguim, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands entered for senior women at the moment (plus the USA not yet listed). Notable names include Nina Derwael, Miyata Shoko, Watanabe Hazuki and probably any German gymnast you’ve ever heard of (they have 13 women and 10 men listed at the moment, so multiple teams I guess).
At this point, I’d consider it a win if she could just get to Raisman level aesthetics. Raisman had good technique (save for bars), it was her form that left much to be desired. Roberson has neither good form nor good technique.
I would say perhaps her new Moors is better than Skinner’s. And a rewatch of her beam shows that she could’ve scored much higher without a few key wobbles and working on getting her chest up on her standing full and dismount, which are acro improvements that are perhaps within her capabilities.
“she showed two vaults–I can’t find the two-vault rankings, but I believe she may have won that”


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Agreed, I can’t see how they could’ve not given her an assignment bearing in mind her results, the relative lack of competition for the US at the moment and the way in which Chellsie and Alicia are making it clear they intend to run things. I think trying to avoid sending her out in these circumstances would be worse both in the short term and long term than just accepting the inevitable.

And who knows, maybe it might be beneficial?
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Isn’t it better to give someone an assignment and get feedback from international judges and help for further progress than to intentionally send out fewer international assignments just because you’ve decided, nope, not you?
Also, looking at various international scores from this month, it’s not just the US that’s in rough early season condition… it’s kind of everyone.
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