2024 Baku World Cup

Baku World Cup 2024, March 7-10 (Olympic Qualification)

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Nominative Registration:

Another strong list. Some notes -

The USA have registered Cameron Bock, Alexander Diab, Stephen Nedoroscik, Jordan Chiles and Zoe Miller. I don't know if the men are correct, but the women have definitely not been selected yet.

China have registered an extremely strong MAG team, including Xiao Ruoteng and Zou Jingyuan, and another good WAG team as well.

Armenia are not going, unsurprisingly given the political situation, but this could have an impact on Olympic qualification on the MAG side. They'll still get three results to count from the other World Cups, but they won't get to drop one.

As already reported in the Cairo thread, Belgium are sending Nina Derwael, Maellyse Brassart and Erika Pinxten to Cairo and Cottbus, but it sounds like their participation in Baku will depend on results in the first two meets.

Japan are sending both MAG and WAG again, as are Italy, GB have registered Gianni Regini-Moran and Harry Hepworth, other names not going for Olympic qualification include Kaylia Nemour and Carlos Yulo.

The Philippines have registered Levi Jung-Ruivivar again, but no Emma Malabuyo this time. This matches up with what she's previously said about going to Cairo and Cottbus but seemingly not Baku or Doha, but reports in the last few days indicate she is planning to go to Baku as well, so maybe she will be a late addition to the roster. Getting at least a third score is important if she really wants to go to Paris.


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