Sanne Wever’s insane new skill

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these are great upgrades. Yeah the form on the Wevers (see what I did there) is a little rank, but that’s an insane combo. I’m a little concerned tho because we saw her train Clear hip-LO tkachev into pak so I hope to god they’re not trying to put both in a routine.

I also luuuurve the bb upgrade. yay Sanne! she sure does know how to show up for the Olympics.
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I really hope so! She won qualis today and has more instore, I think for qualis 2, especially on vault… i see her aks a match for Sanne
Yeah she has a really good dty and is planning on doing a front 1,5 as well. She would really complement Sanne.

Sanne is insaaaaane! Too bad it didn’t come together today, but when it does, wow. I LOVE that she does this at 29 and is fit as ever. Hope she will continue after Tokyo. But it also depends on the coaching situation I’m afraid.

For me, the team will be Sanne, Lieke, Elze and Eythora/Naomi.
Naomi doesn’t convince me yet… But she does have the potential to score well.
H. The Nabs should’ve been an F if they had followed the pattern set with the Ray (D) and Church (E) vs. Hindorff (E) and Shang (F), but it’s at a G. I don’t see them giving the free-hip and the 1/2 a .10 bump each in this case.

I wish they’d do some sort of study to compare the difficulty of reverse hechts when performed from a swing vs. a toe-on / stalder / free-hip once and for all. Either all close-bar circles increase difficulty by .10 (like for pirouettes), or they don’t. But the mix-and-match approach is BS.

I hate that Eythora couldn’t upgrade after Rio like we thought, and/or that Lieke or Sanne couldn’t find a useable VT for TFs. An Amanar (Eythora), Tsuk 1.5 (Sanne), and FTT (Lieke), for example, would at least keep them in the conversation for team contention. But, struggling to get 2 DTYs on a team makes them consistently in the 7th - 12th tier.
Two dty and a y1,5 wouldn’t be too bad. Eythora had her dty back last competition, but now that she has an ankle injury I’m not sure if she still has it. With both Sanne and Lieke on the team, you need Lieke to vault and while I do think she was training it, I don’t think she’ll do a 1,5.
I know its not the issue here. But Gosh, lieke wevers new fx routine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
That moment of the choreography when she approaches the ground is to die for. I just wish she could add a couple of tenths to her D score and make it to the finals. This routine deserves to be watched lots of times (still her 2015 routine remains the best).

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I’m still so unconvinced of the difficulty of these Nabieva variations, especially when they do not maintain arch throughout as Tatiana did. It’s just a Maloney with more counter-rotation 😬
I know, I didn’t say she did a 1,5. I think she was training it, but as I said, I don’t believe she’ll do it and that’s way NL (with both Sanne and Lieke on the team) will always have a fty
Other than the section you mentioned, I was not feeling it at all, tumbling or choreography. I could watch that section over and over and over again obsessively, though. Yeah, I sure could; sublime.
I love Lieke’s new FX even more than the 2015 set (I just couldn’t with that music).

How injured is Thorsdottir? She didn’t even compete today?

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