Proposed (drastic) changes in MAG CoP for 2025-2028

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Big changes

  1. count 8 elements instead of 10 elements in each apparatus
  2. upgrade back double salto (double pike, double layout, double double straight)
  3. encourage release moves
  4. stick bonus in D-panel

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10 skills is better for most events IMO. If you cut it down to 8 on High Bar for example, then it just means they are going to be taking out non-release skills. Every routine would be 5 releases, Adler 1/2, Rybalko or German Giant, and dismount.

8 is good for FX if they finally add music to MAG and require choreography. That one change is by far the most important thing needed to increase spectator appeal and participation in the sport.
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I really hope the rule about roundoffs needing to pass through vertical makes it into the code.
How do you know it’s from FIG?

Is there an email address for feedback? Here’s what I would send:
I like a lot of the ideas, but a couple of the strategies could be improved a bit.

Floor choreo: A list of sequences will be hard to manage and constantly a source of controversy. Instead, make a new group I element called “Choreography throughout exercise”:
  • Up one letter for each A element or non-element gymnastics-like skill
  • B counts for two-letter increase
  • One letter increase for rhythmic sequence of three skills
  • Max D
  • –0.1 for aesthetic or rhythm error in choreography
  • Optional, just like all elements, to allow for individuality
Floor double salto: Count the hardest double salto twice. Instead of requiring as dismount, include floor dismounts in the new rule about dismount requirement value

High bar connection bonus: change in terms of biomechanics:
⁃ After flight: + 1 letter;
⁃ After non-flight elements with full turn or more (flight or not): + 1 letter
⁃ After elements with both flight and twist (half, full, etc): +2 letters
This approach enables you to remove “must be among the counting elements” requirement.

Vault Groups: Instead of groups, which keep changing, offer a bonus as follows:
• two different entries (front, side, Yurchenko, 3/4 or 1/1 on forward, roundoff 1/2 on, Scherbo style) : +0.2 (or +0.3 or whatever the MTC likes)
• one vault with ≥2 twists and one vault with ≥2 saltos: +0.2 (or more)
• two double salto vaults in different directions: +0.2 (or more)
Bonus added to average.

FX Scale Requirement:
Instead of a scale requirement, raise the value of scales so they are “valued” options. One way to do that is to give more for full 180° splits.
  • Y-Scale with hand support and between 120° and 180°: A
  • Y-scale with hand support and 180° split is B
  • Y-scale with no hand-support and between 120° and 180° split is B
  • Y-scale with 180° split and no hand-support is C
    Or just raise the values of all scales and clarify that lack of 180° split will be a deduction.
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I desperately want choreo and artistry in mens floor. Some countries have great artistry and some just thunk away at the tumbling in WAG. I think the men will put them to shame lol.
I would welcome feedback on what I wrote, which I do want to send to the MTC.
Sooooo many guys don’t want to be required to do this, though.
That’s only looking at the current, very limited amount of guys involved in MAG - a dying sport. We’ve seen Kenzo do amazing floor routines with choreography, Thorpe is in favor of it, Mikulak said the sport needs it to grow, etc.

Way more boys would get involved with gymnastics if there was a performance aspect. The modern generation likes to express themself, especially because social media is so important; being able to put attention-garnering things on the internet is basically what life is centered around now. Popularity inherently attracts more participants too - MAG having more audience appeal means more guys will get involved with it.

Men’s ice skating has always included performance, there’s no reason male gymnasts can’t do it too - especially when it’s only for 1.5 minutes in one routine out of 6.
Way more boys would get involved with gymnastics if there was a performance aspect [referring to choreography]
Who actually agrees with this statement?

Doesn’t matter though. My solution is far better, regardless: it gives the option without requiring it.
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Way more boys would get involved with gymnastics if there was a performance aspect.
This is a very American/anglophone centric statement. Culture surrounding artistic sports is very different in other parts of the world.

It’s also rubbish. Been seen as feminine or having their sexuality questioned or mocked is a huge factor in boys in the English speaking world leaving the sport or not even trying it. Often when they leave, it’s for branches of gymnast that has a more masculine image like tumbling or parkour

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