Proposed changes to MAG COP - official FIG draft

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GymACT already went down to 8 skills.

I like that Jrs, GymACT, NCAA, and elite will all have the same # of skills.

Some of the rest of it will take getting used to.
I’m generally very happy.

The only things I DON’T like are:
  1. Stop messing around with vault groups. Make groups that make sense and offer bonuses for variety of vault 2 compared to vault 1. easy.
  2. I don’t think it should be REQUIRED to do a scale or double salto dismount on floor
  3. Leave the Kroll and 1.5-double back on rings alone.
  4. Leave swing handstand on Pbars alone.
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Either this isn't actually the final draft or the FIG isn't going to change a lot of the vault D scores.
I hope this one is real

  • I.44 Yamawaki = B (not C)
  • I.45 Johansson = C (not D)
  • II.4 Inverted Cross = D (not C)
But stick bonus - yuck.

I give that one or two years before something blows up. The most common complaints from coaches about men's NCAA judging was about the NCAA stick bonus. Just wait - some medal placing will be decided because someone forgot to give SB, or there is debate about if the gymnast actually stuck.

Just wait.
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And is someone windmilling their arms really that much more aesthetically pleasing than taking a small step or hop that it deserves a bonus?
It is in the men's NCAA. This is how their SB works. All they have to do is plant their feet on the floor - they can even get a landing deduction. And why just the dismount? Why not bonus for some other skill done perfectly (which I guess would be the old V.)

In addition to what was already said, the stick bonus is redundant to the execution deduction for landings.

I do appreciate the attempt to reward a stick more, though.
If they reward a stick soon they will start to deduct windmilling arms. Like makam said it isn’t pretty.

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