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Following on from the discussion of her most recent competition in the megathread, and in an attempt to start more threads rather than making the existing ones even more massive, I thought we could have a space where we talk about how very unhappy we are that she’s not able to compete at worlds or the African championships this year.

I’ll start.

I’m very very very very very very unhappy about that.

And here’s the routine in question.

The French federation are fucking idiots. They could’ve been bringing this to worlds themselves.
There’s just an awful lot to like about this routine. The fairly deep inbars, the patience in rhythm and swing (except the cast handstands), the amplitude and floatiness of the releases, the initiation of the turn prior to catch in the derwael-fenton, the finishing angles of the pirouettes. Not to mention the construction is about as efficient as you can get, and she has a baller dismount combo. Aaand she hasn’t been propped up long enough for us to get tired of her routine yet, and she’s being effed over by France. What’s not to get behind??
Is it the French federation causing issues or actually the French government? I’ve heard it was out of the federation’s hands?
I did see that too but I thought the government’s involvement related only to the switch, and not the events that led to it?
Oh yes, but it’s the government who have blocked/delayed her switch to Algeria which means she misses African championship by like a month and as a result, worlds this year.

I wonder if it’s standard procedure, as French government policy is very much about discouraging immigrant communities to identify with the country of their family’s origins
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I wish she got a bit more rise on the dismount, but it really is such a gorgeous routine. I’m sure France is upset they don’t get this, but I get the impression they aren’t self aware enough to understand they’re the problem with French gymnastics, not the athletes.
And you have to wonder, did the possibility that an athlete might respond by switching not occur to anyone in the federation? Or did they realise and just not care? It’s not like a Marta situation, where gymnasts with choices were incentivised to stay with the US despite the awfulness, because they were going to medal if things went well. You’re not throwing away a chance at a world or Olympic team title by leaving France.

Also the French really haven’t won that many major WAG medals when you consider they’ve been top 8ish for about 30 years now. They can’t afford to behave like this.
It seems absolutely mad that during a home Olympic quad they are happily throwing away a gymnast with a legitimate medal chance.

Imagine in 2011, Britain had a gymnast with the highest difficulty in the world on a particular piece. But British Gymnastics shrugging their shoulders and saying ok if you don’t like it go and represent Ireland
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What is even more insane is that Nemour wanted to compete for France.
But medical doctor(s) wouldn’t sign off on her to return. Not sure if they were team doctors or who…
The story supposedly is that her doctor cleared her to return, but the federation doctor said no, apparently without actually seeing her in person.

I will continue to note that we have mostly heard this story from one side only, and there are apparently some sort of accusations against the coaches at the club (which they say are motivated by the whole centralisation thing, but then of course they would).
Hasn’t France always had a centralized system? I think gymnasts have always moved to INSEP around junior age. Dufournet refused to move as well first…

As much as it sucks for the gymnast, I’m actually more on the federation’s side. She is, after all, a gymnast who was developped in France. A lot of her training and development was financed by the state (tax money, etc.) so it does make sense not to let someone go easily. As a medalist she would bring money into the sport. Imagine if it was a gymnast switching to Belgium and helping the Belgian team qualify to the Olympics with France missing out.

And…it was only about the timing of her return to comoetitionym, right? She’d probably already be competing and qualify with the team if she’d just sat it out.
According to this tweet, Kaylia Nemour will be able to compete at African Championships!

The part about her roughly translated: Concerning the gymnast Miss Kaylia Nemour, the French federation does not believe that her physical health is being sufficiently respected, but will not oppose her request to compete at African Championships. This decision will allow her to compete in the colours of a new nation as of the continental championships at the end of May, as is her wish.
Wow, I was really not expecting France to relent.

I can’t believe they’re still trying to say she isn’t healthy enough to train lol it has to be over a year at this point since any federation trainer even looked at her?
I can’t believe they’re still trying to say she isn’t healthy enough to train lol it has to be over a year at this point since any federation trainer even looked at her?
At this point, why should that matter?
She requested switch of country, the governing body agreed to it. Why they were petty and not releasing her while at the same time not approving her to train for France is hypocritical.

Like, another federation is taking responsibility, let her go.

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