2024 Core Hydration Classic

2024 US Classic: Hartford

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The U.S. men’s program will not participate in the 2024 Core Hydration Classic to optimize their preparations for the Olympic Trials and Paris Games.
I don't understand why MAG and WAG would be different.
Don't the women have to get ready for the Olympics?

ETA - men have never had a National Qualifier type meet in an Olympic year, so this is business as usual.
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I would love to go, and will go since I have not missed an event in Hartford.
However, that will depend on the cost of tickets. If the cost is outrageous due to Olympic year and $imone, not sure if I will end up attending.

Especially since we are having to replace our boiler in the house, so that is putting a damper on our wallets.
Last year the low level tickets were a few hundred I believe. Having gone to multiple events at the Hartford Civic Center, now XL Center, I would not want to sit in the higher echelon seats, as they are not comfortable.

Tickets are not released until after the New Year.

I sat 3 rows from the arena floor in 2010 and paid $55 per session for Senior WAG. I highly doubt the same price point will be in place for Classic, especially with multiple Olympians competing.
I wonder if local clubs were given responsibility to sell those?
That's been the case every time Hartford has hosted a USAG competition. I think some clubs in Massachusetts/Rhode Island also got them since it's a small region. I assume it's like that wherever else they hold them.
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Generally not. Used to be some clubs would let you buy from them online, but I haven't seen that in quite some time.

You can take the risk that unsold tickets that were set aside for club sales will be released closer to the competition date, but there's not guarantee that will happen.

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