2023 Xfinity Nationals Podium Training Discussion

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I just put on the Juniors. I saw Hezly on beam. She looked good until a big wobble on her switch ring. It looks like she overrotated her double pike and fell backward out of the frame, but maybe that was on purpose. Valeri and Anna talked with her afterward.

I think that was Simone Rose on UB and it looked excellent.

Someone has the same music Audrey Davis used this year in NCAA.

Hezly went up again on beam and did much better.
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Jayla Hang seemed to struggle across all 4. I guess it’s to be expected given she’s coming back from an ankle injury. Lots of falls on bars. I missed her beam and floor tumbling, just a dance-thru on floor unlike most of the others. Highlight was a stuck DTY at the end of the rotation. Simone Rose is lovely to watch, but fell on most of her Maloney-Hindorff attempts, really lacking counter rotation. She upgraded to a nice 1.5 on vault.

Hezly with a new Maloney-Ricna combo on bars. She did some good full-ins in her practice routines then seemed to struggle with it afterwards. Her new floor music is a downgrade from the one she used at Jr Worlds imo, and endurance seemed to be an issue with her last two passes. Claire Pease only did bars, not a single dismount. She must have an injury.

The GAGE juniors, Bui especially, stood out to me as ones to watch for next quad. Tyler Turner’s stalder uprise looked fantastic to me.

Kieryn Finnell struggled on bars, and her dbl pike on beam was scary, the on-the-beam stuff was nice.

Lacie Saltzmann vaulted a tsuk pike and fhs front like it’s 1980. I don’t get how KZB couldn’t manage to upgrade her to something more than that since last nationals.

It was impossible to tell Isabella Anzola/Gabrielle Hardie apart without looking at their coaches- it didn’t help they were in similar leos. Anzola (I think?) has a nice toepoint.

Some of these athletes would probably be better off sticking to L10, but that seems to be a perennial thing with the junior division.
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One girl starting on vault (can’t tell who it is) has a leo that screams “Carnivale!” (Oh, now she is on the floor, guess we are still in warmup)
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So will everyone do their routines (or parts of) in Friday’s competition order when warmup is over?
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Welp, skye is definitely on my team.

I don’t love Tiana’s (i think it was her) leaps. The ring mostly. It is so dumpy. Roberson really is doing what she can to extend and make her leaps look nicer.
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I’m getting such a kick out of Kelli Hill apparently standing somewhere off podium while Kayla is on bars. All these other coaches are scurrying around moving mats and adjusting the bars, presumably while Kelli directs them off screen. What a queen move.
Yup, Gangsta’s Paradise.

I think Roberson wins for least extension on a LOSO

I saw Kayla’s bar dismount with no coach in sight, and I knew you’d live for that lol
Kelli gracing us with her presence on the beam podium! Ha.

These GAGE girls get so little pop off the vault table. (Except one. Disidore? Huge DTY)

Am I blind, or is Lexie Zeiss missing?
I was just going to ask the same. Lexi was definitely skipped on ub. Elle is the one in the crazy leo.

Miller short on some of her tumbling. Jordan’s wolf turn is slightly better. Jordan short on double pike. Seemed to phone the run in.
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