2023 Pan American Games WAG All Around Final (Monday, October 23rd Second Session)

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  1. 🇺🇸 Jordan Chiles
  2. 🇺🇸 Kayla DiCello
  3. :brazil: Flavia Saraiva
  4. :canada: Aurelie Tran
  5. :canada: Ava Stewart
  6. :mexico: Ahtziri Sandoval
7. :brazil: Jade Barbosa
8. :mexico: Natalia Escalera
9. :colombia: Luisa Blanco
10. :argentina: Nicole Iribarne
11. :argentina: Milagros Curti Ruiz
12. :haiti: Lynnzee Brown

13. :ecuador: Alais Perea
14. :panama: Karla Navas
15. 🇨🇱 Babara Anchondo
16. :panama: Hilary Heron
17. :el_salvador: Alexa Grande
18. 🇨🇱 Makarena Pinto

19. :puerto_rico: Stella Diaz
20. :puerto_rico: Alejandra Alvarez
21. :barbados: Anya Pilgrim
22. :costa_rica: Franciny Morales
23. :venezuela: Deborah Salmina
24. :ecuador: Ashley Bohorquez

R1. :costa_rica: Anelena Rodriguez
R2. :colombia: Ginna Escobar
R3. :peru: Ana Mendez
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I have a massage scheduled from 5-6 pm, UGHHHH I will miss half of it or more
Hopefully we’ll see more than just Canadians.

I mean, it’s obvious they should focus on the top group, but they still can screw it showing us Canadians standing around and chatting and being happy and being sad, instead of the other gymnasts routines.

Plus I also want to see the routines of the second group (those who qualified 7th-12th), with four gymnasts competing for Paris. Luisa Blanco is a favorite, but if she makes mistakes, there are two Argentinians trailing her, and if none of these three hits, it may open a door for Lynnzee Brown.
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I’m surprised the NCAAers haven’t fulfilled all of the composition requirements by now. That is a .5 loss right at the get go, which might be the difference in qualifying to Paris or not.
Doing a same bar release when you haven’t trained one for 4-5 years…not as easy as you think!
Doing a same bar release when you haven’t trained one for 4-5 years…not as easy as you think!
Does a front support stoop over fulfill the requirement? It’s only a B, but that also suggests it would be easy -ish for an athlete of that caliber and experience to get the .5 cr.
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CURSES! I was excited for 5:00 PM EST start because I would be home, but FORGOT my monthly massage appointment is at 5:00 PM EST. So I will miss almost the entire AA final.
season 8 cursing GIF
I’ll be missing the entire final for my kid’s baseball game. At least you get to do something fun.
Man, I’m glad I checked here cuz I don’t know why, but I was thinking women’s AA was tomorrow and today was only men’s (and that men’s was at 4ish so clearly I was on crack).
The streaming website says that the comp begins at 6:30 (5:30ET), whereas the results site says 6:00. Which is it, lol?

ETA: well, the stream has started, so I guess that’s my answer!
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Whew not a fan of Brown’s leo. Blanco’s is nice. Flavia hiding hers! US wearing the world’s teardrop ones.
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Looks like Flavia’s is the same as the one Brazil wore in QF at Worlds: white with flag-coloured sleeves.
The one thing I appreciate about this competition is they turned all the lights on in the arena. No hiding the audience in darkness or random spinning spot lights to ruin all the pictures like European organizers keep insisting on.
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