2023 Junior World Championships Trials/Selection Camp

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Women head to Junior World Championships Selection Camp

The final two slots for the U.S. women’s team at the 2023 FIG Junior World Championships March 29-April 2 will be filled at USAG’s Junior World Championships Selection Camp, being held this Sunday through Tuesday (March 5-7) in Katy, Texas.

The 2023 Winter Cup junior all-around champion and runner up, Hezly Rivera and Jayla Hang, respectively, have automatically qualified to Junior Worlds in Antalya, Turkey. The final slot, plus the traveling alternate, will be selected after competition Tuesday afternoon, where up to 10 Americans – including Rivera and Hang – will compete alongside eight Canadians for a competitive tune-up.

The invited U.S. athletes are listed below, in alphabetical order:
  • Isabella Anzola, Statham, Ga./Georgia Elite Gymnastics
  • Kieryn Finnell, Pittsford, N.Y./RGA
  • Jayla Hang, Bellevue, Wash./Pacific Reign Gymnastics
  • Gabrielle Hardie, Sioux Falls, S.D./Twin City Twisters
  • Zoey Molomo, McKinney, Texas/Metroplex Gymnastics
  • Claire Pease, Sunnyvale, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
  • Hezly Rivera, Oradell, N.J./WOGA Gymnastics
  • Simone Rose, Sammamish, Wash./Pacific Reign Gymnastics
  • Audrey Snyder, Annapolis, Md./First State Gymnastics
  • Izzy Stassi, Delaware, Ohio/Buckeye Gymnastics
USA Gymnastics will post final team selections for the U.S. men’s and women’s team for Junior Worlds Tuesday evening.
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Competition results:

Announcement plus additional assignments:

USA Junior Assignment Summary
  • 2023 FIG Artistic Junior World Championships (women): Hezly Rivera, Jayla Hang, Izzy Stassi; Kieryn Finnell*
  • 2023 FIG Artistic Junior World Championships (men): Kai Uemura, Kiran Mandava, David Shamah; Caden Clinton*
  • DTB Pokal Team Challenge (men): Danila Leykin, Alex Nitache, Solen Chiodi, Zach Green, Max Odden
  • City of Jesolo Trophy (women): Audrey Snyder, Gabrielle Hardie
Interesting that they’re only sending 2 to Jesolo.

ETA: I wonder what happened to Zoey Molomo? And these scores are a good bit higher than Winter Cup. “Ah, yeah, you all were a little too harsh at Winter Cup. Maybe be slightly kinder with the scores?”
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can we dare to think that they want the seniors to have realistic scoring and Jessohigh was not sending the right message to make corrections.
Lauren Hopkins said on Twitter it was a budget issue. They planned on doing both, then decided only to do DTB.
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Gymnternet results:
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