2021 Winter Cup Senior Women

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[COLOR=1C2089]What is it?[/COLOR]
For the first time, this competition will select the members of both the Junior and Senior Women’s US National Teams. It is also a qualifier for the 2021 US National Championships.

[COLOR=1C2089]When is it?[/COLOR]

Friday, February 26, 2021
  • 2:30 pm ET – Nastia Liukin Cup
Saturday, February 27, 2021
  • 12:30 pm ET – Winter Cup: Senior Women’s Competition - All-around & events
Sunday, February 28, 2021
  • 12:00 pm ET – Winter Cup: Junior Women’s Competition - All-around & events
[COLOR=1C2089]Where can we watch?[/COLOR]

NBC will air the Senior Women’s competition [COLOR=FF0A1B]live[/COLOR], the all-around final and event finals are combined in this one day meet.

NBC Sports Network will have the Nastia Liukin Cup.

USAG Youtube will have both the Senior Women’s meet and the Nastia Liukin Cup archived for viewing after the event.

FloGymnastics will stream podium training and the junior women’s competition [COLOR=FF0A1B]live[/COLOR] and they will be archived there.

For more information and results: https://www.wintercup.com/
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It’s been too long!

NBC will presumably need a login, right? Does ‘archived for viewing’ mean that USAG might also have a livestream?
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Everyone should be there. National team will be selected, so unless there is a really compelling readiness reason, anyone and everyone aiming for Tokyo should be there. If there are spring international assignments (unlikely, but…) they will go to national team members.

Thus is a HUGELY important meet. As a benchmark, it’s critical. Some people haven’t been before judges since nationals 2019 (other than camps). Laurie Hernandez hasn’t been on the competition floor in 4.5 years. And we’ve seen nothing in over a year from everyone else, except for 2020 Scam.

Obviously no one should peak for this, but it is a critical benchmark for 2021.
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mnesiptolema said:
Does ‘archived for viewing’ mean that USAG might also have a livestream?
It will definitely be uploaded after the event is over, whether they will also have a livestream or not is currently listed as TBA. So it’s possible.

They’ve done international livestreams during NBC productions in the past. I don’t know if Covid or the new partnership with FloGymn or whatever new rules NBC could possibly have may complicate things.
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I hope everyone plans to compete but who knows… Who do you most want to see? For me, Chellsie. In juniors I like several a lot but eMjae for sure. For the men I want to see Donnell come back strong. I have a weakness for comebacks and underdogs.
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This is incredibly exciting. But am I reading this right – the only way we can watch the junior women is on FloGymnastics?
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For sure. Everything and everyone is in chaos these days. (Good to see you Irichluck21-- hope you have been well)
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It is good to see you as well! Missed many of you all. I have been stressed with work during the pandemic but most people are LOL. This too shall pass. Hope all is well and you are healthy and safe.
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