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It’s on in an hour.

Asher Hong interview by Sam.


Curran Phillips and Blake Sun.
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Why oh why do they have to show replays and gymnasts standing around? There are gymnasts going. WE could watch so many more if they would just show actual gymnastics instead of showing the gymnasts watching the gymnastics!
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They must have taken all the deductions for piked swing and skew. I didn’t think they would.
I just finished watching.

Tim Daggett kept saying the bonus system is new, which is not true. USAG had it for many years, including at National Championships which he did commentary for. They just stopped for a while.

The irony that the person who won was a person who got no bonus.

I think the main reason the US didn’t have the difficulty of China, Japan, and Russia at the Olympics is we didn’t have people with the ability to do it. That’s kind of a bitter pill, and it may be easier for people to tell themselves something about the incentive not being there.

Other thoughts - Asher Hong is a major talent (not a very insightful observation, I admit). If he’s this good at 17…can’t wait to see him at Stanford next year.

A couple of times Yul turned to the camera and asked people to come in person next year.

I know USAG wants to get this on TV, but I miss the BlackJack days when the WC finals were packed with the biggest fans of men’s gymnastics - male gymnasts. All the little guys who competed at Black Jack got to come and see their idols. The stands in Frisco looked pretty empty.
The stands in Frisco looked pretty empty.
That has been the trend all weekend. Unfortunately the inclement weather they have had caused there to be a lack of crowd. It was challenging to travel, with many athletes delayed. I can see people not traveling to watch a gymnastics meet due to weather.
I would say yes, weather, but also, many kids who would want to attend and watch probably had meets this weekend as well. so that makes it hard.

I miss Winter Cup being the premier MAG event. It was the only one that was MAG only, and being done in conjunction with BlackJack made it incredible! I agree that giving the younger gymnasts the chance to see their idols was huge, and having the gymnasts there from different regions to cheer for their Elite Team made the atmosphere electric!! It was just so much fun!

And, wouldn’t it be better tv with packed stands and loud cheering?
I will miss that meet. I met so many people there.
Someone I know emailed USAG to ask if WC was ever coming back to Vegas, and the answer was no.
The reason given was TV. There was something about NBC allotting TV spots for gymnastics events. Since the American Cup is probably gone forever, the new version of WC just took it’s place.

I would be OK with the women being broadcast and just getting the men’s side on FlipTV if that meant it could go back to Vegas. I doubt many people would agree.
I agree 100%. Women still have 2 other meets that the men do not, American Classic and US Classic. Why did they need Winter Cup? MAG fans PACKED the place in Vegas! It was incredible.

ANd really, NBC did not show enough to make it worthwhile imo. And what they did show was not good coverage.

Just so sad to see this. It just isn’t the same.
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Pardon my ignorance of the politics and funding. Is there no room for even one more men’s meet? Vegas is a great place for an inexpensive trip and it was popular
I doubt it, with the timing. SInce they have taken Winter Cup away from vegas/blackjack, it would have to be later. That would make it harder to do it in conjunction with a DP/JO meet.

Just sad that they took that way from BlackJack. IT really was an amazing meet for the MAG community!

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