Field set for 2021 GK U.S. Classic and GK Hope Championships, updated event

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Simone and Laurie are to be there as well. Morgan too. Finally, some data points!

Other critical info: The GK Hopes Championships will air live on (BarfGymnastics) May 21 at 1:45 p.m. ET, followed by the GK U.S. Classic junior competition at 6:45 p.m. ET.
The first senior session on May 22 will stream on NBC’s Peacock, starting at 1 p.m. ET; the second senior session will be broadcast on NBCSN May 22 at 7 p.m. ET. (don’t know if it is on the free peacock or the “pay us money” version but either way, a month is a fraction of the cost of shitty barfgymnastics)

Simone is in session 2 (as are lots of the “name” gymnasts), Chellsie is in session 1 (seems less “random draw” than the article claims unless the draw was by gym/coach to keep groups together).
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Ah this is perfect! I have a huge deadline on Friday, and then I can relax and celebrate by watching Classics! Ideally. Or, less optimally but potentially more likely, by trying in vain to find a feed that works in Canada. We’ll see.

Either way, I’m stoked.
Chellsie BAMF Memmel!!! So excited!

Glad to see so many girls competing. Hopefully everyone is in tip top shape.
Rosters in an easier to read format than what USAG put out. If someone has a * next to their name, they have already qualified to nationals (to the best of my knowledge! USAG doesn’t publish this stuff). If they are only qualified on 2 or 3 events, I’ve put the events.

For Juniors, they need a 51.00 AA to qualify to nationals. No event specialists.

For seniors, they need a 52.00 AA or 39.75 3-event or 27.00 2-event to qualify. That’s a 13.5 average for 2 events, and a 13.25 for 3 events. (13.00 for AA)

Charlotte Booth*
Sage Bradford
Kailin Chio*
Madray Johnson*
Avery King*
Kaliya Lincoln
Nola Matthews*
Zoey Molomo
Ella Murphy*
Ella Kate Parker*
Azaraya Ra-Akbar*
Autumn Reingold
Joscelyn Roberson*
Paloma Spiridonova
Izzy Stassi
Tiana Sumanasekera
Lucy Tobia
Gabriella Van Frayen*
Paityn Walker

Seniors I
Skye Blakely*
Skylar Draser
Addison Fatta*
eMjae Frazier
Laurie Hernandez (VT BB FX)*
Shilese Jones*
Hailey Klein
Temple Landry
Emma Malabuyo
Grace McCallum*
Konnor McClain (VT BB FX)*
Chellsie Memmel
Elle Mueller*
Katelyn Rosen (VT FX)*
Jamison Sears
Ava Siegfeldt
Faith Torrez*
Mya Witte
Lexi Zeiss

Seniors II
Ciena Alipio*
Sydney Barros*
Simone Biles*
Jade Carey*
Jordan Chiles*
Kayla DiCello*
Amari Drayton*
Kara Eaker*
Aleah Finnegan*
Karis German*
Morgan Hurd
Alonna Kratzer
Emily Lee*
Sunisa Lee*
Lauren Little
Riley McCusker
Kaylen Morgan*
Anya Pilgrim
Lyden Saltness
MyKayla Skinner*
Leanne Wong*
52.000 AA, 39.750 on 3 events, or 27.000 on 2 events, but of course she’d be limited to the 2-3 events at Championships if she doesn’t qualify via AA.

It’ll be interesting to see what she does, because a 9.1 FTY would keep her afloat for 2 events and above water for 3-4 events, and the more events you do, the lower your average needs to be: 13.5 average needed for 2 → 13.25 for 3 → 13 for 4.

I’m not sure UB and FX would be ready in time, though, unless way watered down (which makes breaking 13 harder to do), and AA at Championships might not be in the cards. This might be more of a slow build to Worlds, but I’d love to be surprised.
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I think she’s just doing beam and vault.

So a 14.0 on VT and a 13.0 on BB. I think if she stays on the beam she could get a 13. But I can’t see her getting in the 8s for execution.

I think she will need to DTY, personally.

What happens if she gets a 26.9. Is it a straight cut off or is there wiggle room?
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In that set posted above she has so many pauses and at least one missed connection. She usually does better than that.

Sorry, I don’t know the intricate details of the code so I can’t really determine whether or not an execution is accurate. Douglas1233 are you able to post a brief rundown of how you got 1.3?

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