Euros 2021 - nominative rosters are out

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I have a feeling that the GB selection criteria didn’t allow Worlds 2019 athletes from going because the AA gymnast qualifier for the +1 cant have been on the team that qualified GB it’s team spot, right?
ohhh I see, wow that’s kind of wild. Maybe one less competition will actually be a good thing for Ellie, whatever she’s needing rn.

So if Melnikova were the top Russian, that would have the same effect, yeah? Hmm.
In the same vein, might be no bad thing for Becky to go into the Olympics with worlds EF as her most recent major competition. Euros for her would carry with it the risk of fucking up, and at best would mean winning a title she’s already got twice.

Remind me beloveds, is the Olympic qualification part based on prelims or AA finals standings?

eta- I just found the memo, and it says AA finals or if previously agreed, based on the results of AA qualifications. Do we know what that means? Is it if someone gets injured out between the two?
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Not sure if you meant “Team” as in the team competition or “team” as individuals.
But this Euros is individual only so there is no team competition.
If Melnikova is the top Russian she is ineligible and it would go to the next Russian in line.

Although from what I understand it is 4 athletes per NOC with 3 spots per apparatus. So Melnikova might be left off beam for Gerasimova to do that event.

Unless it has changed again and everyone can do AA in qualifications if they wanted.
Ahhh! So it is 4 athletes on each apparatus so you can have 4 AAers compete.

Good to know that this is changed form typical 3 AA slots.
No seniors that are competitive at that level.

Laney Madsen compete at Worlds in 2019 as the sole Bulgarian.

Unfortunately Bulgaria’s WAG is almost dead.
Surely it’ll be Melnikova and Gerasimova? Let them take the proverbial fall and start on beam. Gerasimova won’t have to wait long to do her key event after warming up. Have Urazova and Listunova start on vault because they’re eligible to win the +1 and Melnikova isn’t.

It’s great practice for Melnikova anyway. There’s a 50% chance you either start or end on beam in prelims at Worlds/OG, and she’s said she needs to compete regularly or she won’t feel confident or consistent.
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Yup. Agreed that they will do this. Especially if the plan is for Gerasimova to lead off BB at the Olympics.
Yeah, you def want your newbies in the AA final. If Melnikova ends up in there with one of them, and the new one tanks, that’s a spot that was there for the taking all gone.
I wonder if they’d pull Melnikova if she qualifies over one of the others. It would definitely be justifiable, I think.

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