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from @cbginastica (put through Google Translate) it says:

Let's turn the key?! ↪️🔑
After all, starting this Friday the CBI - Troféu Brasil Loterias Caixa de Ginástica Artística will take place! The biggest stars of the sport will be meeting in Rio de Janeiro on the 21st and 23rd! It will be at Arena Carioca 1! 🤸🏻🌟🤩

So print the schedule, save it, send it to friends, activate the reminder on your cell phone! JUST DON'T MISS IT! It's the last chance to see our gymnasts on Brazilian soil before the Paris Olympics !!!

Also remembering that on Sunday, the 23rd, after the awards, the Olympic teams will be announced! Brazil's Olympic Channel broadcasts everything and Sportv broadcasts it on Friday night and Sunday (in full)! Shall we agree? UNMISSABLE 🥶

The list of athletes participating: MAG - WAG

Andrade, Saraiva, and Barbosa are all competing.
If they post links and you see them, you will have the eternal gratitude of dozens of members here. ;-)
So locks are Barbosa, Saravia, Andrade.
Who is in the running for the final 2 slots?
Soares, Oliviera, De Lima?


By Scott Bregman - 18 June 2024

Brazilian gymnast Rebeca Andrade’s final preparations ahead of the Olympic Games Paris 2024 will be on full display this week as she competes at the Trofeu Brasil this Friday and Sunday (21 and 23 June) in Rio.

It will be the last competition for the 24-year-old ahead of next month’s Olympic competition.
In the last three years, Andrade has made it clear, she’s the greatest Brazilian gymnast of all time.

Her history-making efforts began at the Tokyo 2020 Games in 2021, where she became the first South American woman to make it to the all-around podium, finishing second to Team USA’s Sunisa Lee. Days later, Andrade became the first Brazilian woman to win gold at the Games, claiming the title on the vault.

At the World Championships, she has now amassed nine medals including a historic 2022 world all-around title, the 2023 vault title, and a first-ever team medal last season.

“I don’t think I imagined the number of medals, but I really wanted that,” Andrade told Olympics.com of her 11 career World and Olympic medal haul. “From the moment I had it in my head that that was what I wanted, I knew it could happen.

“It didn’t go through my head every day,” she continued, “If I said this went through my mind, it would be a lie, but every time I arrive at a competition, it’s to fight."


Her determination – and yes, fight - has paid off, as she’s battled back from a series of knee injuries that would have given her an easy excuse to leave the sport.

Instead, she often talks about how she had retooled her approach to training and competition – where she often sits out vault and floor exercise – with the complete trust of her coach, Francisco Porath.

“I have complete freedom to talk to Chico [Porath] and he knows that when I'm in pain, I tell him that, 'Today, it is very difficult. Is it okay for us to hold off on that workout, to do a lighter workout?' because he knows that the next day I'm going to arrive at the gym and I'm going to do my best,” explained Andrade of her approach. “This is very important to me. This exchange that we have, this trust that we have in each other - and also, the physical part, the physical trainer, the multidisciplinary part also with physiotherapy, massage therapy, psychologist [is important].

“I think that the combination of all these things makes me feel good and prepared, even after all the surgeries, even after long days of competition, of coming and talking like this, 'everything will work out. I'm fine, I can do it,'” she continued. “Even though I'm extremely physically or, sometimes, mentally tired, you know? I think the preparation that we do daily inside the gym helps. It prepares me to be here.”


Paris 2024 will be Andrade’s third trip to the Olympic Games, and the event could be the superstar’s career finale.

“I don’t know,” she said in a recent interview with Brazilian Marie Claire about her future in the sport. “It’s going to depend on my body.”

But no matter what happens after Paris, Andrade wants her fans around the world to know one thing about the upcoming Olympiad: she’s giving it everything she’s got.

“They should wait for me to give 110%, regardless of what happens in the competition,” she said. “I need them to know that, you know? That we will arrive to do our best. I will get there, give myself, body and soul, even with all the attention and expectations.

“I think the main thing is to arrive at the competition, do my best and be very happy,” she continued, “because the only person I can control is myself. I hope to be able to bring a lot of joy to my country.”

I think they could rest Simone on UB in team finals, but I don't see it happening on beam. She is by far the most consistent beamer the US has.
Agreed! It's definitely a flex to sit out the World champion, but a four-time World champion who has won each of those titles due to consistency when others have faltered?

A bars line-up of Blakely/Chiles, Lee, and Jones would be fine. Biles gets an extra few tenths here for the team score, maybe. But also she's so consistent and her routine doesn't have any big risk so there's no real reason to bench her here, either. At this point I would be way more likely to bench Lee and run a more cautious line-up.
Props to Brasil federation (or whatever their governing body is called), they know how to manage an injury-prone gymnast.
If only others, like Italia, had followed their example (why Asia D'Amato had to do vault and floor at some minor competition like Jesolo Trophy is beyond me).
Brazil Olympic team - WAG
Rebeca Andrade
Flávia Saraiva
Jade Barbosa
Júlia Soares
Lorrane Oliveira

Alternates: Andreza Lima & Carolyne Pedro

Brazil Olympic team - MAG
Arthur Nory
Diogo Soares

Alternates: Caio Souza & Yuri Guimarães

brasil team.png
I hope the Brazilian ladies are able to pull off a team medal. They have been at it for so long and have faced so many challenges. I still remember Jade winning an AA medal almost 20 years ago at 2007 worlds and the hardships she faced to get to that point including losing her mother followed by not being able to attend the 2012 Olympics because of a Leo dispute despite being the best on that team.

Kind of wish Hypolito was still around and competing, a bit unfair that Liukin pushed her out of the national team when he was working in Brazil.

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