2022 Swiss Cup (11/27)

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The 39th Swiss Cup will be held on November 27, 2022 in Zürich, Switzerland.

:austria: Team Austria
Selina Kickinger / Vinzenz Höck

🇫🇷 Team France
Morgane Osyssek-Reimer / Lucas Desanges

🇮🇹 Team Italy
Martina Maggio / Nicola Bartolini

🇯🇵 Team Japan
Chiaki Hatakeda / Kazuma Kaya

:netherlands: Team Netherlands
Eythora Thorsdottir / Casimir Schmidt

🇪🇸 Team Spain
Laura Casabuena / Joel Plata

:switzerland: Team Switzerland 1
Lena Bickel / Noe Seifert

:switzerland: Team Switzerland 2
Anina Wildi / Taha Serhani

🇹🇷 Team Turkey
Bilge Tarhan / Adem Asil

🇺🇸 Team USA
Addison Fatta / Yul Moldauer

Happy for Fatta and Yul here. Yul could make an argument here that they should have put him on the main team…

Did Zeiss do podium training? I can’t even remember judging her routines at all.
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Addison Fatta is having a great year this year. I wonder if she will defer Oklahoma next year and try for Paris.
Round One

Round Two

Round Three


Small Final

Grand Final
USA in Grand Final

ITA in Grand Final

Maggio FX 13.250

Fatta FX 12.500

Thorsdottir FX 13.050
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A couple of thoughts on Eythora:
  1. Both her leaps in that series were completely jacked. Is she ok?
  2. Has she ever spoken about why she has ditched BHS? Is it a wrist issue or just a “I don’t want to go out of bounds” issue?
Neither. She has never had good back handsprings. They were usually way too high and apparently she wasn’t able to fix it.

Since Tokyo, she has been training with the men in Rotterdam (home to Bart Deurloo, among others). Together with the men’s coaches, she decided to ditch the back handsprings to get more power in her tumbling.

Regarding her leaps: they have always been a little bit of a struggle, but these were exceptionally bad and weird. Sometimes it looks like she doesn’t fully grasp the movement of those leaps (especially the full), but manages to get them around. And if she doesn’t focus well enough, they’ll be all over the place. But this is just me speculating, so I could be totally wrong!
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