Worlds Qualifier: 2022 African Gymnastics Championships (July 8-11)

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For WAG it should be between Egypt and South Africa.
Egypt is favored but they came off a rough Mediterranean Games and South Africans have been putting up good numbers at the World Cup circuit.
Egpyt could really use Nancy Taman back on the team on VT and FX.
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Similar to Asian Championships, there is not really any media coverage or a decent website.

I hope FIG addresses this next quad.
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This is actually slightly better than Asian Championships - there is a website, and as well as today’s MAG results (a scan of a printout) it has the WAG startlist for tomorrow!

Egypt beat Algeria by 13 points to win the MAG team competition and the one team spot at Worlds. Mohamed Afify and Omar Mohamed (both Egypt) tied for first in the AA; the tiebreak apparently went in favour of Afify.

The two available AA spots for the men should go to

Hillal Metidji (Algeria)
Abderrazak Nasser (Morocco)

WAG startlist has teams from Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Cameroon, plus one gymnast from Senegal. One team and four individuals qualify for Worlds.
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Egypt won MAG and WAG titles.

WAG AA qualifiers for worlds:
Caitlin Rooskrantz (South Africa)
Naveen Daries (South Africa)
Fatima Zohra Boukhatem (Algeria)
Lahna Salem (Algeria)

Haven’t seen MAG yet.
I saw a bars set by Caitlin Rooskrantz this week on Facebook. She does some really nice content there! Nice to see a gymnast from Africa doing such a good bars set.
Rooskrantz won the UB final, scoring 13.733(5.8D, 7.933E). Jana Mahmoud (Egypt) won vault. Unfortunately it seems the UAG haven’t yet felt the need to tell anyone what happened on the second day of finals. They also haven’t actually published the team totals for WAG (the team results link goes to the individual results), but Egypt definitely did win.
Taking this long to publish results for a World’s Qualifier is simply in no way acceptable. All you have to do is put a PDF on the internet. You could ecen write it out with HTML using tables if you need a smaller document size.
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Yea. It is totally ridiculous.
FIG needs to invest in these continental qualifiers. Show them on the YouTube channel at the very least.
A scoring page is also extremely simple.
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even better 2 of them were reserves for the bar final.
Oh I know! LMAO.
Well at least it is a start.
I don’t recall 5 full teams competing at African Championships before.
Hopefully we see more countries begin gymnastics programs.
Nigeria competed a full team of 5 in 2019 and we didn’t see them here, they also had similar issues with bars.

I wish the FIG would see that all of these developing countries have issues with bars and send out traveling bars coaches to these countries to help support the foundations.
I wonder why we’re not seeing a Nigerian diaspora team emerge. There are a lot of Nigerians abroad. We’ve seen gymnasts increasingly start to compete for countries they have ties to. Where are all the Nigerians??? Its hard for me to believe Algeria would have a leg up in an African continental meet. How does Cameroon have a team and not Nigeria?? I am HERE to see African gymnastics continue to develop. Love it.

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