What's your first Olympic gymnastics memory?

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I don’t think I ever knew that about the bounder. I got interested in the scoring around 1995 or so.

Thanks for sharing that.
A bounder/flyspring was also initially a B, so you could earn 0.2 in connection bonus by performing it into a front full or Rudi. After the 1994 World Championships, it was devalued to an A (no longer CV eligible since it’s not a salto), and a Rudi downgraded from an E to a D.
That’s crazy.

Reminds me of when they put the tuck front full at a C in 2006, realised it was quickly being abused by everyone, and swiftly got put back down to B.

I thought the WTC would take the same position when Wolf Turns became 25% of some BB/FX programs (Suni, Grace, Urazova, etc) and they didn’t make the change mid quad but pushed it into the next quad.

I would go further and put Triple Wolf to D and Double Wolf to C. In addition to the Root max.
yeah it’s clear as day at this point that it is fundamentally easier to do a wolf double or triple than a regular double or triple, of which we see almost none. Why this all took this long is just baffling, ti got so egregious even the commentators felt compelled to mention them somehow.
I 💯 believe that a computer, given a few basic inputs and then fed with the frequency of skills performed in every major competition over the last 20 years and their general execution deductions, would be able to synthesize an impartial code that made sense in relation to balance of artistry and difficulty without any trouble at all, one that actually rewarded and optimized what we wanted to see.

I literally wonder if some sophomore amateur fan couldn’t run a program or a script that produced a more legitimate code than the one we have today. (I don’t wonder, I’m just waiting for it to happen). Anybody??
I worry that this would only give us a great list of skills that are over-valued in comparison to other similarly rated skills.
If they rotated what was overvalued, that could be cool. Like set a few (5?) moves/skills per apparatus worth .1 (or .2 for really difficult/rare things) bonus for each year (different skills each year with the previous batch going back to regular value) up to the Olympic year and for the Olympics year you can pick up to say 3 of those focus skills from any year in the quad to get .1 bonus each. It would encourage gymnasts to learn new skills and then keep them for the big show.

And permanently bring the Alt to the same value as the Pak so we can have some diversity in hb to lb transitions.
OKAY! I think I’ll bump this up since new people have come along in the last two years.

I was trying to think of my best tv memory and my best in-person meet memory. They almost became the same thing. But the shocking moments are more fun.

My most shocking gymnastics moment memory was the vault debacle 2000!

Seeing Chuso in person, how short she is, when she opened a door and walked out during podium training in Anaheim. She always seems larger on tv.

Most shocking Olympic moment was Greg Louganis hitting his head on the diving board.
My first experience with Olympic gymnastics was Atlanta. I was absolutely gobsmacked that they did acrobatics on the beam (I don’t know what I thought they did, but definitely not saltos). And I was rather smitten with Nemov. 🫠
My first Olympic memory was 1984, I was 10. I remember wanting Szabo to win and when the neighborhood girls did pretend gymnastics competitions I never wanted to be Mary Lou, even though it meant I lost every time.

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