What discussions / previews / etc. would people like leading into the Olympics?

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No promises, but we have a lot of awesome people here, and if you request it, you might get it. 🙂
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Well, it is hard to beat a “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead” reference, but I’d like a “Team Announcements” thread as we start getting named teams. Not sure there is enough to talk about for every single team, so maybe a grouping thread is best. Though keep GB in its own thread so we can keep bitching about the unfairness shown to Becky. But as France, Italy, Spain, etc all start naming their official teams, let’s make sure we capture that.

In the past there was:

Team Announcement/ Individuals Competing thread
Schedule/TV Listing Thread (Spoiler Free)
Results Thread
Videos Thread
MAG Qualifications
WAG Qualifications (each subdivision)
Event Finals Day 1
Event Finals Day 2
Event Finals Day 3 (this time around)

The boded ones I have created in the past and included times, tv links, quick hit links, and live scoring links int he initial post along with which teams and individuals are competing in that session.

I can do that again in a few weeks.
Yes, I would love a prediction game thread and also maybe a general prediction thread?

A user by the handle Gymfan15(?) used to run one on Intlgymnast’s forum and it was so fun. I was a bit of a WAG-prediction king. Apparently Intlgymnast is down, but I think I can remember how points were allotted: 5 for correct placement of a gymnast, 2.5 for incorrect placement but correct medalist, and then you could choose an alternate for each competition but I don’t remember how many points you scored for a correct alternate (maybe also 2.5?). I could take a lead on this when we get closer to the Games. Predictions had to be finalized for all phases of competition prior to TF–obviously we’d wait for TQ to conclude before closing.
I’m happy to try and put together a timetable with time conversions to make viewing the action a bit easier for everyone. If people would like to nominate timezones, that would be helpful or else it will just be me converting to Australia East Time!

irirchluck - If I get this basic table done, we could try linking all of your extra things (tv links, quick its etc)? I have a great deal of free time at the moment!
I love this idea and I am on board to collaborate.
I can edit your original post so we can work on it together!
Awesome! I have a new project 🙂

C’mon, seriously all, hurry up and let me know what timezone you are in. If you aren’t keen on posting, just send me a DM.
I’m in the UK so British Summer Time (BST) would be great please. I did it roughly a while back and all the finals work out well for us. Only qualifications will test our stamina.

Thanks for all these great ideas and planned contributions. I’m so happy this board is alive.
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I’m PDT in California, but I can translate from EDT pretty easily if you don’t want too many columns.

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